Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I received the call today from my doc regarding the progesterone test I had yesterday.. level was 13.1, so I O'd (thanks, but I could tell by my chart), but it's normal for conception if I am preggo. I know I'm not since we didn't try this month, pending our results of my panel, which I get a week from today (won't come soon enough!).



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Chele said...

Yep, you O'd and it's was a good healthy value. I know a couple of women my age 39-43 that had ovulatory charts, but were not ovulating when they went through all the testing at the RE. Their charts showed clear thermal shifts but the blood work showed no ovulation. So, it is good that you had this test done and got great results.

Hope today's meeting isn't bad news.

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