Monday, July 20, 2009


...goes the pregnant brain.

Monday, Monday can't trust that day (as the song goes)

Of course I had two HUGE brain farts today...
#1- Lunchtime. I finally made up my mind and went to Chipotle for lunch. After waitning in line and grabbing my order I headed to the fountain for my drink: Orange Fanta. Filled up the cup, snapped on the lid, then grabbed a straw, napkins and "silverware," tossed them into my bag and left. Got back to work, found a spot and realized.... my drink was still at Chipotle, sitting at the fountains! And the straw in the bag.

#2- 4:55 pm. Need I say more? Got a meeting notice for tomorrow afternoon- from 3 to 6. My schedule tomorrow is not 8-5, but... I promptly replied that I'd be on break at 3 and going home at 5. Took me the entire trip home and sitting here at this computer to realize that one (I'm there from 3-6).
Of course, then there's the one I had back when I first learned I was pregnant; I took a day off from work (scheduled before I found out I was preggo, ironically enough) but went to meet Keith for lunch. I was halfway down the highway when I realized my feet were awfully cozy... I still had my house shoes on!
hmmmm... what else was I going to say?? Or was that it?

Sunday, July 19, 2009

mine, Mine, MINE!!

Yesterday it finally happened... Keith and I got our severance checks in the mail! Since my check is more than enough by itself, I'm going to take care of first things first, by paying the big, silver thing sitting in my driveway OFF, ENTIRELY!


YEAH!! Finally, we are done with car notes for hopefully a long, long time. **KNOCKS WOOD**

In other (big) news, I am now 12.5 weeks along. This means that I'll be 13 weeks this Wednesday... and in my SECOND trimester! Six months ago I wondered if I'd ever see these days. So far so good.

The puking seems to be letting up, but I still have nausea and queasiness here and there. I hate water. The taste of it, everything. I know I need it so I have to pretty much force it, but wisely. A few days ago I had a day off from work and went and got a snack from the local chicken restaraunt. The snack (three strips and mashed potatoes) went down soooooooo good. YUM! Baby and I both LOVED it. However when I took a sip of water after that, things changed right about after the third sip... I suddenly had indigestion. I was fine until I had the stupid water! argh. And this morning, food first THEN water, and so far no puke. hmmmm... I wonder if my morning sips right after I wake haven't been triggering the m/s I've been having lately. Oh well, I guess only time will tell at this point. :)

Now if I just had the money to hire a jet (or even a helicopter) to take me to work so I'd be able to avoid the crappy commute (and DH too, of course)... oh, wait- if I that kind of money I wouldn't need to work. LOL

Friday, July 10, 2009

Crazy Updates and Sweet Pictures

So this blog has once again become a little neglected, thanks in part to a new job, exhaustion and good ol' m/s.

Keith and I both started our new jobs this week and love them. (*yawn*)

But today my stupid left eyelid has been twitching on me all morning (took a break this afternoon) then again all evening... uggggghhh. over and over again, it's so annoying! Anyone have any fishing weights and string I can tie to my eyelid via my eyelashes to FORCE the stupid thing to stop already? ;) j/k. (*sigh* Kim, is this the best you can do?)

Yesterday we had our 11-week doctor's appointment. YAY for sonograms! It wasn't part of the original plan, but the doc couldn't find little Snowflake's heartbeat this time around (except for a split second, whose reading of 16x I caught a glimpse of). So off to the u/s room we went! We're lucky in soo many forms, this one being that the doc himself does the u/s and interprets them and all that jazz, right there on the spot. No waiting, no awkward tension with some tech (no offense, u/s techs) who's not allowed to say anything.

Anyway, we get in there and sure enough we saw Snowflake, plugging away. Our little Houdini :) then jumped for us a couple of times, turned to the side and RAN (yes, ran) for us! That's about when I informed Keith he's going to be getting a new running partner in a few years. The view, just awesome. My heart still melts thinking about it! No explanation as to why the doc couldn't find the HB, but Dr. D pronounced everything normal ("looks good," in his words) and we shrugged it off. I bet it was the kid's activity.

Without further ado, I proudly present.... SNOWFLAKE (11w, 1d at time of pic)!!
The pic doesn't do this LO much justice compared to what we saw in the office. *sigh* My sweet, sweet little Snowflake. Mommy and Daddy love you very much!
We go back in 4 more weeks... so hopefully the m/s will be gone and I will be realllly bustin' outta my clothes! WOOT!
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