Tuesday, June 7, 2011


This AWOL blogger has been totally exhausted lately. Lugging around a July firecracker, a crazed, hyped-up toddler AND dodging the heat- well- they're full-time jobs in themselves. Add my paid FT job and well, you get the idea. ;)

The weather around here has been absolutely nuts, as in Mother-Nature-needs-to-be-committed-crazy. About a month ago we were immersed in sprummer- officially it was spring but the weather dictated otherwise. Then, we switched to sprinter- again, officially spring but the weather that time dictated winter-like temps.

Now, officially the Solstice hasn't officially landed upon us yet, but once again, tell the thermostat that. It is effing hot around here! Sadly, my office is effing cold sometimes, so yes, I actually go beyond crazy myself and ENJOY going outside. Usually for less than five minutes, these outside visits are short because I start to melt beyond that five minutes. I braved it a bit today and took a brief walk outside because, let's face it, pacing the second floor in my building just gets old. Not to mention I just drag myself around there these days.

As much as I hate the extreme cold, I just want to skip the rest of this summer already and head straight into winter (we don't usually have good falls around here- just straight from summer to winter)!

This is starting to look good attractive sweet again already...
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