Saturday, July 28, 2007

Very First Blog- repost from Myspace

Well here I am.. First time bloggin'. I guess I could start out by telling you a little about me... My name is Kimberly and I live in DFW, TX.. I am getting married on September 15, so you'll probably hear alot about that, along with the honeymoon. The wedding will be in Arlington. We went to the church and killed about 3 birds with one stone today- talked to the wedding coordinators, the Deacon and one of the musicians. At least I have an idea now of what kind of music I want played while I am walking down the aisle... There.. that's what the wedding planning is doing to me! LOL

You probably want to know a little about how we met.. A couple of years ago after Katrina hit the call center where we both work at hosted a telethon to raise $$ for Katrina's victims. I took pretty much the only seat available-- except for the one behind my seat of course.. and that's where dear, sweet Keith sat.. on purpose. He had seen me while I was in my training nearly a year before, but had gone off to a different location for a few months. Now he was back, and very interested. However, I had JUST gotten my braces on and was feeling the pain from the evil spacers. Needless to say I coule barely nibble at the pizza we got to eat that night, let alone feel like talking much. Poor Keith, he thought I wasn't interested since I was quiet. It turned out at the time that he sat about 2 rows up from me, in fact right on the way to my own desk. Once I figured out where he was, I began to at least say "Hi" to him on the way to/from my workspace and proved him wrong. And like they say, the rest is history.

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