Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Finally over THAT hurdle... (another retro post)

Well I had my surgery yesterday and it was all but fun, but much easier than I expected it to be. We had originally planned to be at the hospital at 630 in the morning to get it the hell over with but I found out at my pre-op the day before that I was put off til noon. ACK! So anyways we got there a little eary (had to be there by 1030), got checked in and only sat in the lobby for about 5 or 10 minutes or so when the "pager" thingy they gave us went off...

Went back and changed into the LOVELY gown and needle stick in the hand (I don't know which hurt more, the needle stick or having the damn thing in my hand!). They finally let Keith come in after that and he entertained me for a while as we waited. He definitely kept the anxiety at bay, right up til it was time to take me in... As they rolled me out of the little room I started crying a bit, but I think it was more from separation anxiety because of what was about to happen. They gave me my shot of Versed (sp?) and by the time I was down the hall and around the corner I was buzzing, "smiling" according to my nurse. The last thing I remember is it was freezing as hell in there and they were putting blankets on me... Then I woke up in recovery what felt like 10 seconds later. Not in a whole lot of pain then and neither am I now, thank God. The knee feels great for the most part but I have to get back to the couch to ice it again.. Think I have been away from that ice long enough now
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