A few of my fave pages

The sites listed here are picked solely off of my own opinion- I either think they're cool, funny, cute or informative- maybe all of the above. Nobody's paying me squat to like any of these pages. ;) As a result, this page may continue to grow. Keep checking back!

The harsh reality: Our current health guidelines are nothing more than hype, folks. Read here for details. Please educate yourself before you pop any pills prescribed by your doc for "high" BP, "obesity," and other conditions that have been expanded by the change in guidelines.

TX Vaccine exemption info

Debunking popular myths

Looking to rent or buy? This is a cool site!

Ever wonder what you can do with a kid in Vegas? Here's what looks to be some great info! DH is wanting to bring Jessy there someday, and I think it just might be do-able now!

Looking for a licensed childcare provider in TX? Start your search here!

Neat and fascinating. But it's not for the faint at heart.

Because this type stuff fascinates me and I'm a total geek like that.
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