Tuesday, January 22, 2008

(Retro Post) Copied from other blog

Wow.. already a nearly a month gone by in 2008 and I am only posting my first blog. I have been just so buys with work, getting settled into my new position as a wholesale clerk and trying (unsuccessfully) to keep our house clean, and the cats in!

(Yes Lizzie just LOVES to be outside, even in this weather.) Miss Liz was on our laps last night, however, and Keith noticed what looked like blood (scabbed up) on her ear- my first thought was that her daggers needed to be trimmed (which they got) but when I noticed that it was a blotch on the top of her ear, I began to suspect that she has been getting in fights- this is AFTER catching her running through the neighbor's backyar to Lord-knows-where. I half-suspect she is starting fights with other cats- and this is a SPAYED female mind you! Argh!

But on the lighter side of things we did get our Christmas tree down, but not before getting close to midmonth. Go figure. Of course trying to start a business doesn't do much justice- found a neat online store that sells natural, safe household products, so I'm trying them out and loving them. And you can be simply a customer or choose to build your own business.. on your time. That's what I really like. But these products rock- the cleaners don't joke around and food products taste awesome. (If you want some info, message me!)

And Keith and I played golf together for the first time in months. I made great use of the pink golf balls he got me for Christmas, which turned out to be more visible than the regular white ones. Yeah! I didn't play so well, but still had fun.

And last but definitely not least, I cannot believe how fast time has flown (if I haven't said that already).. we've been married 4 months already! Of course, so much has happened since that awesome day.. our honeymoon, knee surgery for me (yippy skippy- it's doing well for those who are wondering), new job position for me, new business opportunity.. new YEAR.

I think it will be an awesome 2008 and only time will tell what it will bring us! Happy, healthy and prosperous New Year to all!

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