Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Summer's over.... already?

Really? How'd that happen? It seems like just yesterday... eh, nevermind. For some reason, actually, it feels like Labor Day was a looooooong time ago. The week after we had a visit from the nasty Tropical Storm Hermine, who spawned a few different tornadoes in the Dallas area, one of which went through Love Field Airport. Luckily, though, no planes or people were affected in teh airport, although an 18-wheeler was mangled a few blocks away. In the Fort Worth area, cars were literally underwater as severe flooding took over the area very quickly.

Then, the house caddy-corner went on and off the market. (which has ZERO curb appeal- no front garden and it looks like an Office Depot truck drove by and puked white out all over it. Well, almost. Well, a girl has to try to make her house look better than the rest, right??). We're back to scrambling around to get ours clean enough to be presentable. (yeah, right.)  Wish us luck- with my feeling wiped out after work
(mentally) and juggling normal, everyday house chores plus a near-eight-month-old it's nearly impossible to stay clutter-free. Perhaps a little Saran Wrap is in order here for the floors and countertops.

Jessica will be 8 months old next month. How did that happen?? It seems like just yesterday we brought her home from the hospital. *sigh* We are FINALLY getting her baptized a few days after her 8-month mark; then it's on to... *gulp* planning her first birthday party. :( Where has my baby gone??

OK, 'nuf with the mush. lol

Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor day already??

Wow! I can't believe it's September! Seriously, where has the time gone? Jessy has turned 7 months and finally, after all that work and all those months, finally sprout a tooth last Wednesday! I worked and worked and of course, the sillygirl just would. not. let me photograph this momentous occasion.

However, when we were at Grammy's yesterday JessyNicole accidentally showed it off and gave the camera a front-row view.
For skeptics, here it is, close-up!

Funny part is, the babysitter and I were talking about this that day when I picked her up from daycare, how it gets harder to cut those things as she gets older, hopefully she would cut one soon!

BTW, don't let this in-nocuous looking fool ya. It's sharp as all getout and will hurt you.
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