Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We have Five Months... find another job. Yup, that was the message in our big meeting today; some jobs are moving to other service centers. Fortunately our jobs are not moving til the end of June. A couple of jobs only have a couple of months- they will be cut by the end of March. Yikes.

Of course I know of people, like Tony, who didn't get any notice, and God bless them.

And then there are the people who have worked at our company for a LONG time (like 25 years, for example) that won't be old enough and therefore won't get any retirement. At all.

There will be a limited number of postings in another (collections) department as well as at other service centers (read: move out of state, no relocation for us- only for higher-ups will they pay relocation packages). We plan to apply for our local positions and then other companies... preferably closer to our house. (Think McKinney, Frisco, Allen, Plano, Richardson, etc...)

At least we have time, and that is a blessing in itself. Wish us luck! (Pretty please?)


Ophelia said...

I'm really sorry. This is such a crummy situation :( {{{HUGS}}}

I hope you find something else soon!

Yaya said...

Oh yuck. Sorry for that awful news. Good luck in the job search.

Teresa said...

Oh crap talk about pouring when it's already raining. I'm sorry mama and I'm keeping my fingers, toes and anything else that I can cross, crossed for a new job stat!

Chele said...

Damn I was hoping you wouldn't get this kind of news. I'm so sorry. ++++++ vibes that you find something real soon that ends up being a better work situation.

Big Hug!

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