Thursday, January 8, 2009

One Week

Wow. It's only been a week since I again received devastating news that DH and myself weren't going to get a baby after all. Ugh. again. It feels like it was a month ago. It's gonna be a long month.

At least I have some stuff to distract me... I'm going to work at our local food bank toward the end of the month, oh yeah, *after* MLK day (which I have off from work).. Hopefully that will speed things up a little for me. Part of me wants this to be over with. Another side of me says Hey! Don't rush it! Don't rush 2009 away! I suppose the "other" part of me is right. Let me count my blessings and enjoy time with my family and DH and not take a moment for granted.

It's amazing what can change in a few days, let alone one week.

**Update: We did not amend the appointment since we decided not to go out of town. Nothing to do with this situation; just that we want to go somewhere later on in the year.


Anonymous said...

I'm here for you... you can always e-mail me too if you ever need to talk one-on-one. {{{HUGS}}} If you shoot me an e-mail at I can send you my ultra private exclusive e-mail address :) in case you ever need a lifeline.

VelvetMinxx said...

Hey! I was reading the past few posts and I want to tell you I had two miscarriages before this one stuck. I ended up getting on a progesterone supplement (warning: it's goopy and gross) and it must have worked because our baby is 3 weeks old :)

So don't despair!

Kimberly said...

Thanks, Ophelia {{hugs back}}.. I send u an e-mail ;)

Kimberly said...

Thanks, "Velvetminxx!" I have seen your recent posts as well and that little 3-week-old sure is beautiful :)

I don't care what it takes, even if it IS something nasty like the prog supplements... I will, one day, *stay* pg.

Sara said...

sending positive thoughts your way!

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