Saturday, January 17, 2009

Holy CR@P!

First off, I just now realized that I have hit 50 blog posts. This will be #51. Wow.

On another note... Our cute furbaby, Bernie, is apparently getting up there in years. Keith and I estimate his age to be, eh, about 15 years or so... but anyway, Keith went running earlier today, took Mr. B with him. By the end of the run (a couple of miles at least, mind you) B was running behind his daddy today during their semi-weekly run. BEHIND.

This is the same dog that I had nicknamed "Firecracker" a couple of years ago because of the way he pulled on the leash when we walked him. I opted to take his now-deceased brother, Yankee, because Bernie pulled so much on the leash- he was the type of dog who walked you, not the normal, other way around. We estimate this mutt (probably a Lab/Pit-Bull mix) to be around 15 years old, pretty old for a dog, let alone a Lab.

Then it dawned me, as DH and I drove to the pizza parlor... Yankee, his late (labrador) brother, slowed down like this probably less than a year before he passed away (a couple of months, roughly, before DH and I got married). Uggggh... I'm not a HUGE dog lover but as much as this guy (like his bro) is a pain in the @$$ I still love him...

I just hope that Bernie, well, I know this will sound/be selfish, but I hope he is still around this time next year! With what is happening with him (vs. his bro) who know but only our Good Lord.. but yikes. I hate to think about how much, or little, time this guy has before he goes Home.


Anonymous said...

Don't say that, my doggie has totally hit lazy age. :(

Anonymous said...

Poor furbabies!

To A T said...

I choose not to think about my furbaby EVER passing on... kind of in denial that it will ever happen.

I hope he is with you for a while longer :)

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