Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Finally over THAT hurdle... (another retro post)

Well I had my surgery yesterday and it was all but fun, but much easier than I expected it to be. We had originally planned to be at the hospital at 630 in the morning to get it the hell over with but I found out at my pre-op the day before that I was put off til noon. ACK! So anyways we got there a little eary (had to be there by 1030), got checked in and only sat in the lobby for about 5 or 10 minutes or so when the "pager" thingy they gave us went off...

Went back and changed into the LOVELY gown and needle stick in the hand (I don't know which hurt more, the needle stick or having the damn thing in my hand!). They finally let Keith come in after that and he entertained me for a while as we waited. He definitely kept the anxiety at bay, right up til it was time to take me in... As they rolled me out of the little room I started crying a bit, but I think it was more from separation anxiety because of what was about to happen. They gave me my shot of Versed (sp?) and by the time I was down the hall and around the corner I was buzzing, "smiling" according to my nurse. The last thing I remember is it was freezing as hell in there and they were putting blankets on me... Then I woke up in recovery what felt like 10 seconds later. Not in a whole lot of pain then and neither am I now, thank God. The knee feels great for the most part but I have to get back to the couch to ice it again.. Think I have been away from that ice long enough now

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Phew. I'm Baaaaaaaaaack!

Well the wedding went off last Sat pretty much without a hitch! Just got back a little while ago from Hawaii and boy am I exhausted! At least I was able to catch a *few* zzzz's on the planes on the way back.. Now the challenge of staying up til at least 9 tonite is here. Want to get back to my normal schedule asap. Keith goes back to work Monday and I go back Tues- hafta change my SS and DL over to my new name.


Thursday, September 6, 2007

FINALLY Winding Down?

Wow. I have had way TOO MUCH going on lately! Between orthodontic appointments to get my braces off (FINALLY!), contacting wedding vendors and tying up those infamous loose ends, I have been pretty much running around like a chicken with its head cut off (or so it feels).

THE TOP BRACES ARE FINALLY OFF! YAY! The bottoms will follow next week when that retainer comes in (they were able to make the top retainer in-house but not the bottom one).

Thankfully it seems like it's winding down a bit. Got things pretty much squared away with the photographer, the church, the reception hall/hotel, hotel reservations for the honeymoon... flowers made up (using fake flowers). Now we can relax a bit...

Then I have to go for my follow-up w/the orthopedic surgeon (which of course I am trying to coordinate with other thigns) to schedule that dreaded surgery. Today I was standing and shifting my weight around a little (perfectly normally, nothing strenuous) and my knee suddenly felt like it was going to buckle- thankfully I had it in the brace so it couldn't... then it clicked when I bent it... Must have been that damn piece of kneecap floating around in there.. YUK!

But we only have a week left now and I know it will go very fast.. Will pack for the honeymoon, get attendant gifts, finalize the rehearsal dinner... *GASP* Then come up for air. ¿Cuando completaremos esta boda? Sometime this year?

Friday, August 24, 2007

More News

¿Que esta` pasando? More like what hasn't been happening! LOL This week has been a bit of a blur.. but we got alot done. Confirmed our pastor who will be doing our wedding, received our rings on Monday.. I went and had my MRI Monday- Woo hoo! The good news with that is that nothing is torn.. no torn cartilage or ligaments. But we did confirm a loose body floating in my knee that, well, needs to be removed.. along with fixing a defect in my kneecap. No guarantees that it won't happen again and my knee definitely won't be brand-new again. Basically, I need surgery. Yippy skippy. Well, I guess it's better than having that loose body fall into my knee and locking it up. At least now the doc can just scope me and fix it fairly easily. Of course we will be waiting til AFTER the wedding to to this.. Even the doc agrees on that one. So now I am just sitting on all this info and debating on getting a second opinion or not.. not sure if the insurance requires it or not but the surgery seems necessary, especially when I go over all this in my head. I certainly don't need some THING in my knee locking it up! LOL

Thursday, August 9, 2007


Looks like an MRI is in store for me.. Woo Hoo! So the Dr's office is calling the insurance company and then they'll call me.. then we go from there. I got a shot for the pain @ the dr's and a couple of X-rays, which revealed a "body" underneath the kneecap.. then the dr talked about the possibility of arthroscopic surgery.. I hope not. I mean, I have a wedding to attend in a few weeks... as one of the guests of honor! (What timing, huh?)

Well this totally sux... (another retro post)

This morning I was gettnig ready for work and decided to let the dog out.. Well I didn't have my glasses on and it was dark. I slipped on the floor and dislocated my kneecap.. I mean the kneecap was way up and over here and my foot was pointing in the other direction. Fortunately after a "blood-curdling" scream, Keith came out and luckily was able to get it back into place so my leg looked like a LEG again. (I certainly couldn't do it myself since I couldn't even straighten my leg myself! OWWWWWW! Took some ibuprofen (ah that stuff's good) and at least it only hurts when I try to walk normally or bend my leg. We're gonig to the doctor here in a couple of hours... Will keep ya posted.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Very First Blog- repost from Myspace

Well here I am.. First time bloggin'. I guess I could start out by telling you a little about me... My name is Kimberly and I live in DFW, TX.. I am getting married on September 15, so you'll probably hear alot about that, along with the honeymoon. The wedding will be in Arlington. We went to the church and killed about 3 birds with one stone today- talked to the wedding coordinators, the Deacon and one of the musicians. At least I have an idea now of what kind of music I want played while I am walking down the aisle... There.. that's what the wedding planning is doing to me! LOL

You probably want to know a little about how we met.. A couple of years ago after Katrina hit the call center where we both work at hosted a telethon to raise $$ for Katrina's victims. I took pretty much the only seat available-- except for the one behind my seat of course.. and that's where dear, sweet Keith sat.. on purpose. He had seen me while I was in my training nearly a year before, but had gone off to a different location for a few months. Now he was back, and very interested. However, I had JUST gotten my braces on and was feeling the pain from the evil spacers. Needless to say I coule barely nibble at the pizza we got to eat that night, let alone feel like talking much. Poor Keith, he thought I wasn't interested since I was quiet. It turned out at the time that he sat about 2 rows up from me, in fact right on the way to my own desk. Once I figured out where he was, I began to at least say "Hi" to him on the way to/from my workspace and proved him wrong. And like they say, the rest is history.

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