This craziness and how it got started

My very first blog was actually with Myspace (that's still around?!), but that's where my social-networking and blogging life began- that awesome fall of 2007. Keith and I were married that September then began trying for a baby shortly after. Unfortunately, we had a few hiccups along the way but after two miscarriages, one in February 2008 and another in January 2009, a period of trying and no luck and two layoffs (2 for me and one -almost two!- for DH), we have our beautiful little girls, Jessica, born February 2010, and Natalie, born July 2011, and Jonathan, born November 2015!

I am currently a working, crazed thirty-something mom who is trying to hang jell-o up on her walls keep a tidy house, healthy kids, a healthy marriage and enjoy life, all in the same breath. I sometimes forget to slow down and take a breath or two (they say that helps?), but all in all it's a good life.

I like to talk about a multitude of things and try not to get into a rut. Home improvement, decorating, current events (my life or the news), musings/get-to-know-me posts, food and crafty stuff are among the topics I like to talk about. So come, pull up a chair and stay a spell. I'd love to chat!

What's the name all about? It all came about from a line that my the husband and I- "Crazy Thoughts" which could (and still does) refer to just about anything under the sun. ;) Sweet Dreams is under that same umbrella, as some things, at the time we began using that phrase, we just didn't want to put under the heading of Crazy Thoughts anymore because, well, they're not so crazy anymore! ;)
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