Monday, January 26, 2009

Countdown to fate...

...well, sorta. The company I work for is holding an all-employee meeting on Wednesday during the day... every location, every person (exception of management/supervisors- will explain that momentarily) at once. Across the country.

The managers and then the supervisors will be first; the supes will be detained in a meeting room til we leave the floor. They will have the scoop (or maybe more appropriately, poop, perhaps?) on everything.. who's gettin' the boot, who's stayin' and who will take up the landscape duties. After being strip-serached for their cell phones and PDAs so they can't text us updates. Argh.

As I stated before, as the supes finish up their meeting, we will all be ushered into our little area and given the news, yes, regarding the fate of our jobs.

I figure if one or both of us gets laid off/the boot/canned (whichever euphamism you like to call it ;)) maybe we can do a reality TV show. Us? On LOST or Survivor? Voted off the island. Very quickly. 

 Or we could become truck drivers. But could anyone actually see me, let alone us, with my two left feet (perfect for stick-shift!) manhandling- er- womanhandling one of those 18-wheeled behemoths?


Anonymous said...

Ugh... Stupid economy! I'll keep my fingers crossed for Wednesday hun!

Kimmygintx said...

Thank you! :)

karmapearl said...

Oh, yikes, Kim! I'll be thinking about you, that's really crazy that they're having to do that!!!!

Chele said...

Oh No! I hate this! Keeping my fingers and toes crossed that you and your dh make it through the latest round of lay offs.

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