Monday, March 10, 2008

Time Sure Flies (another retro post from other blog)

Wow.. Time sure flies. It's been nearly six moths since Keith and I joined together in holy matrimony. And so much has happened since then. The surgery, our first Thanksgiving, our first Christmas together, a fun New Year's Eve (with the exception of going to work that day)... now this.

We started February out with the joyous news that we were expecting our first child, only to end the month with that dream taken away. I was nearly 8 weeks along when things well... went downhill, so to speak. I began spotting, and two days later that progressed into full-blown cramps, and well the rest is history. I had been waiting to tell everyone about our precious gift from God, for the most part, with a cute modification to my page, but instead, here I am, telling it like this. I am mostly doing better now, but I get my sad moments, among others.. I still want our little Pumpkin (our nickname for this baby) back, but I realize that s/he is in a better place, playing with Jesus and God and his/her grandparents and great-grandparents. In a better place, and I shouldn't be so selfish.

I did better in church yesterday than I did last week (cried my eyes out), and at the end in the announcements they had a foster family with a beautiful baby girl up there, discussing how donated goods had helped them when they acquired that baby Christmas Eve. Pumpkin spoke to me in church, I felt it in my heart, and walked over and picked a few items off the list.

From this, it can only get better. I try to see the silver linings in this.. I can have lots of junk food if I want/when I want, have a few drinks on St Patty's day. We will be ok. We will get our chance. Just have to be patient.

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