Friday, April 18, 2014

I Confess.

I think I may be addicted to Chipotle. You know, that clean-food, drool-inducing fast-food (or is it "fast-casual" these days?) that actually tastes good and in some ways is good.

The mouth-watering food is too tasty to stay away from. The flame-grilled and just-right-seasoned chicken (albeit not spicy) tastes sooo good in both burritos AND bowls. And we can't forget the seasoned steak, flame-grilled typically to medium-well and tastes amazing as it comes from grass-fed cattle. The barbacoa has a spicy kick that I've found best uses one of the huge burrito tortillas to extinguish. The carnitas also have their own spicy kick that can only be calmed down with an iced tea or ice-cold beer.

Don't like spicy stuff? Don't despair. The chicken is probably your best bet, next to the vegetarian flavor. The reason I use the term flavor here is that you can get these items in either a bowl, burrito or taco format. They have several hundred, possibly several hundred-thousand different ways to have your food. And probably the best reason to go there? They're making strides to go GMO-free. Yeah.

And I have experienced withdrawals if I go too long without my fave bowl or burrito. And I could go there... 2, 3, 4... days in a row.

I think I've just figured out what to do about lunch tomorrow on our journey over the river and through the woods... ;)


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Good Evening.

I'll admit it's been a while since I posted. Too long. But in case I have any audience left, ;) I want to air something out. 

I confess. I really don't understand folks who dislike daylight savings time. Yes, the time change is a bit grueling. But why can't we just stay on DST and forget standard time? 

Pretty random thoughts tonight, but had to get it out. Observe:

Our yard at about 8:20pm central daylight time. Note how light the sky is still. In standard time, this would be only 7:20 pm. 

I like my daylight! I'd never make it in Arizona. Hawaii, maybe, since it's closer to the equator. ;)

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