Friday, January 9, 2009

It's been HOW long!?!? ...and other thoughts.

10 years ago this month I began my second semester as a senior in high school. Yipes. 10 years. That's a long time.

In that time I spent five (long) years getting myself through college. Unfortunately I became jaded and a tad cynical through those years. When I finally got my BA in Communications (Public Relations) in 2004 I was SOOO glad to just be OUT of there. Five months later I got my first (and only, still) full-time job.

I had started out fresh out of high school thinking I wanted to be a lawyer. Yes, the law is fascinating, but I began to realize that lawyers typically have very busy schedules. At least from what I saw at the time. Eek. That on top of a few semesters of undergrad were enough to scare me away from even the prospects of law school. LOL

I then "explored" business as a major. The classes were pretty cool, however, two sour  AWFUL professors and a b*tch of an adviser, all in one semester, was enough to totally disgust me out of that prospect. After all, if I came up on two horrible professors and one adviser in one semester, what would my odds of having many at-least-halfway-decent instructors be?  Part of me wanted to transfer colleges but financially I didn't feel that would be a wise option.

It wasn't until my final two semesters at UTA that I was able to relax. I became happy again and my grades improved, that being either from knowing I had so little time left in college or the fact that I had adopted somewhat of an "I-don't-care" attitude about grades. Perhaps a lesson could be learned from that alone.

Now that I am nearly five years out of college I have been thinking (okay, toying with) about the idea of going back to school. I know I want the most no-nonsense approach possible (i.e. I prefer to skip out on a GMAT or a GRE).

The thing I am most hung-up about is what to study! I have seriously considered journalism (becoming a TV reporter, perhaps), something medical, and even teaching. As one can see there is a pretty big gap between any of these options. My interests are probably way too diversified. LOL However, since my interests are this diversified (as they have always been) it shows in my college transcript. 16 hours here, 8 hours there.

While that may sound great for job opportunities, it seems as though recruiters want something more specific. For instance, to get into a teaching-certificate program at my local junior college (they offer this option for those who want to teach and already have a bachelor's degree), they want so many credit hours of classes in the field you desire to teach in. Bad news for me, as I don't have this number of hours in any of my studied classes (and I can't remember what the number is off the top of my head).

As for what I would teach, probably science, English or even writing, at an Elementary level. Hmmm... maybe even entry-level Spanish?

Since I do know Spanish yo hablo espanol [sic], yo pude trabajar en medicina y translatar- por eso necesitare [sic] tomar clases por mi vocabulario medico [sic]. (Since I speak Spanish, I could work in medicine and translate, but I will need to take classes for my medical vocabulary (in Spanish). *I know the grammar is off in that sentence but I don't know how to put in the accents and others on a computer.)

Or for medicine I could even work in a doctor's office... perhaps a specialist? I could work with an OBGYN or even a cardiologist. Hmmm... or even be a physician's assistant... or just relax and do medical transcription. With that, I could possibly work at home eventually.

Or, even sit down with my supervisors and seriously check into our team-lead development program at my current job.

Yikes, the possibilities. One day I will make up my mind. ;) lol

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