Sunday, May 24, 2009

10 Years Later... I am. Exactly 10 years ago I graduated from James W. Martin High School in Arlington, TX. I had an awesome summer working at Six Flags and basically racking in the $$. Only to have it drained that next fall by a monstrosity known as college. It was a definite culture shock.

In high school we had get-togethers known as pep rallies. We even got together after school to decorate our little section of hallway for homecoming. The band even trotted through our hallways on Fridays when there was a football game that night. Even if I wasn't going to the game (which was pretty rare) I was pumped. I was in student council, orchestra (for a while), and on the yearbook staff for my senior year. I loved every minute of it. This plus going to the games nearly every Friday night, doing my homework with the TV on (yup!), working a part-time job and much, much more... I still made straight-A's. I was very active both physically and mentally and loved every minute of being at that place.

Then, enter fall 1999. I started college. I was on student government and in a couple of other activities. However, this college didn't even have a football team, let alone any spirit. I had a few buddies, but not alot of close friends from college. In fact, if you look at my Facebook, I have tons and tons of buddies from high school, message-boarding, my current job and Six Flags, but absolutely none solely from college. I had to earn every penny so I had to work, constantly, to make my ends meet- and that was with a portion of the tuition and living at home (better than no help, though.. living at home helped A BUNCH. I'm not bashing that one bit)! At least I enjoyed my job at Six Flags and my extracurricular activities- that helped keep me sane. As for college itself, I have no desire to repeat it. I wasn't happy there, and my grades showed it.

Finally, in 2004 I graduated with a BA in Public Relations. Miraculously. With the way I cried on the night of my high school graduation, both mom and I thought I would need a canoe for my college graduation. Boy were we wrong! LOL It was more like, "halle-freakin'-lujah it's about time (in my head)!" I was never more glad to leave a place. Awful professors (a few, not all). Ugly buildings. No environment (it's been referred to as a commuter school for a reason...).

I found my job with the auto finance company and just short of a year later (right after Hurricane Katrina), I met my awesome, wonderful, gorgeous, handsome husband, Keith. A true match made in Heaven.

We went through the next few years getting to know each other, getting engaged, then married and went on our honeymoon. Then I had my knee surgery. Blech. It was over quickly, though and I was back to myself within a few months. Thank goodness! We hit a few speedbumps along the way to where we are now, but we are making it. Recently, in January, we learned of an upcoming layoff in June. All the jobs and agencies keep saying, "call us when it's two weeks out..." basically too late! ARGH!

We don't know where this crazy road (crazy life, crazy world!) is going to take us next, but we do know one thing- we will get through our tough times together. There's a reason God has put us together and given us the speed bumps he has, we just have yet to figure it out.

Hopefully, the next 10 years will be a little smoother, or at least more fun for us. While I have sadly become more cynical and type-a now than I was in high school, life is too short to bemoan every little detail and wallow in self-pity and worry about every little thing. One lesson I have learned is to trust God every step of the way, and He will guide you.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wow... What a week!

...or is it what a day? I don't know! LOL

Where do I start? This morning some dude(ette?) in a Lexus refused to let me over in front of him/her to get on the highway. Why do Lexus drivers seem to think they own the road? My apologies if this statement offends anyone, namely good Lexus drivers. ::shrugs:: So anyway I showed him/her who was boss... and hopefully a lesson that you can't push people around- I forced my way in front of them. However they had the nerve to honk so I don't think they got the point. I could tell they were being malicious by the way they were driving alongside me which is why I did it. Asshole. End rant, off to the next note...

Job interview. Yes, I had one today... woohoo! It went very well, so hopefully I will hear something toward the end of next month. YAY! However, that interview was after what was the building hunt and lunch from Hell. Yeah. Keith and I tried to go to KFC for lunch today and take them up on free food but ended up sitting around doing nothing for 40 minutes. We get faster service at a sit-down restaraunt, busy or not! UGH! Soooooo... I went to my interview without lunch. Getting to the interview did not go without a hitch. There are apparently three buildings at this location (this company has two different locations in the same city.. lol). I followed the signage on the property to get there and wouldn't you know I would pick the wrong one. Go figure. I only found out I was at the wrong building when I *ran* up there because I was running behind schedule (not exactly late, though... long story LOL). Then I had to *run* back to my car to drive around to the *correct* building.

I grabbed lunch (Big N Tasty) and headed back to work. Then went to give blood. BP was 106/70 (Dr. B- EAT YOUR HEART OUT!!) and I did my thing. Nothing to report here.

Going home from work got me a hole in my back bumper caused by a lady driving some clown car and not paying attention. Needless to say we now have her insurance info and she (or her insurance company) will be paying for a new bumper on my car. Good thing it's plastic at least. *sigh* Her car, er, clown-mobile, was jacked up. Front bumper, hood and front-passenger fender crumpled and her headlight on that side was pushed back (but not broken). Red fluid was pouring out from underneath the car (tranny fluid?!). (Hey, the car BLED! lol) Thing's probably totaled. Yikes for her... at least it's not my insurance rates going up. Although it is an option for us, I will *NOT* file no-fault.  (a big HELL NO and LOL on that one) Lesson here? If someone is in front of you and you are both looking to make a right turn, watch that person in front of you, and if you are going to look over your shoulder, make sure you apply your brakes first. *SIGH*

And to end this on a positive note, Keith and I went to dinner at Ralph and Kacoo's for my b-day. Gooooooood food, but spendy. Maybe we'll eat there more often when we're millionaires. ;) After that we took a brief, relaxing drive through the country and enjoyed what scenery we could see.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

28 Years... A Look Back, sort of...

I sit here with literally half an hour left of my 27th year of life, in awe of just how fast time goes. When you're five, one year is only a fifth of your life. However when you're, say, 30, one year becomes a thirtieth of your life. Much smaller, much faster.

I have had ambitious, yet achievable goals for my life after high school, to be accomplished before I was thirty. Get a college degree (check). Get married (check). Have a house (check). Get a life (check). Get and hold down a full-time job with a good company (check, sort of... they were good when I started with them...). Travel (check, although still in progress). Have (human) children. (no check. I still have two years for this one, right? Had originally hoped to be done having kids when I was 30 but I have a feeling that's not going to happen, so we'll revise this one right now. ;) Of course, this one is out of our hands.)

Took an extra day off of work to make a three-day weekend, as I don't like to work on my birthday. I prefer to relax, lounge and stop and smell the roses. Be thankful for another year that the Good Lord has gifted me. It's hard to do that while you're at work and distracted by routine duties such as mouse-clicking, phone-calling and screen-staring. ;)

So tomorrow I will sit, relax and chill with a good friend whom I have known since Kindergarten. Yes, Kinder. I haven't seen her in months since she lives a good 60 miles or so from me now that I am on the north side of the Metroplex (sometimes affectionately referred to as Southern Oklahoma) and she's still where she has always been. We're going to have lunch together and then chill out for a while, don't know exactly what we're going to do yet but we'll decide that later. Keith has a few (boring) errands to run that can't be done on a weekend. He may go play golf with the BIL since he was rained out Saturday.

And with that, I leave you with the last picture I had taken of me (and my hunka-husband) as a 27-year-old. This was taken at our (rainy) get-together Saturday night. Enjoy!

Well here I am...

Midnight and I am wide-awake. I must be some sort of night owl or something. Anywho, the storms we've had today were amazing! Rumors of a tornado during one of them... three (so far) in one 12-hour period. Yikes!

The first one caught me out and about, shopping. I bought a dress and two blouses... hmmm I need to upload a couple of pics but am too lazy at the moment. More on that later.

Anyway I had literally JUST gotten back into my car at Lowe's in Allen (75 & McDermott, for you DFW'ers) and the big drops started falling... went across the street into the shopping center over there to get some food then go to Bath and Body Works and I actually managed to get away from the rain for a minute, but just a minute... I was in the drive-thru line (Golden Chick) and noticed how dark it was- I turned on my fog lamps in my car and they actually helped out (usually at 3pm they don't highlight the road very well)! I thought of heading home right after I got my food... but by that time it was pouring cats and dogs- scratch that, make that wolves and tigers. LOL

I pulled away from the drive thru and it was pouring so hard I couldn't see to navigate the parking lot! So there I stayed praying nothing happened til it calmed down. Fortunately the worst we got at my location was very heavy rain, lots of thunder and a spectacular light show. It was totally gone by the time I was done shopping, however storm #2 came in right after I had the car unloaded... same thing. Lots of thunder and heavy rain! #3 arrived after we came home from my birthday dinner and dumped more heavy rain on us. We're soaked!

Let's see what the next 24 hours bring us- it's supposed to rain more tomorrow as well.

I also came upon this story... the Dallas Cowboys' practice facility in Irving, TX collapsed! Several people were injured and transported to the hospital as a result. WOW. The final picture in the slideshow shows the tent flattened. It was actually built back in 2003... yes, a tent. I always had thought it looked tent-like in structure when I drove by it but thought nothing of it. Yikes. Why, oh why, didn't they ever bother to get a real building? Oh, that's right... Jerry Jones is too #$%@&ing cheap! Don't get me wrong, though, I do pray everyone involved is OK and resting comfortably at home tonight!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Crazy Ramblings and Bittersweet Moments

It seems like everyone around me is pg these days. My cousin (#4 for her), friends on DAM, iVillage, etc. I should be.

But I m/c'd again in January. This time was too early to get any tissue samples at all. Last February when the first m/c struck us, the tissue was supposedly too dead to get any chromosomes or anything. I wonder if my doc was just bullsh*tting me on that and they just didn't get anything b/c it was only my first. Phew. Had to get that out there. Seriously, though, if that was really the case then how come so many other angel mommies out there are able to get analysis? I mean, that was the only reason why I went to the stupid hospital in the first place. Medically speaking, everything was under control; trust me. ;)If not for this incident, I would probably have a bouncy six-month-old with me to chase around, feed, diaper and call my own (well, our own...).

It was other events that really rose my suspicions that my doc was BS'ing me on that... the impersonal personality (if that makes any sense), pushing of unnecessary meds basically on inpulse and her becoming very defensive upon my refusal of them... *sigh* It just feels like we could have gotten answers but the stupid doctors chose not to give me any. KWIM? Never got anything out of that doc but grief (most recently, anyway) for the most part.

As for happier times, everything is ok for the most part. Job search still on hold (since now is too early to look!) and Keith and I are just taking it easy now. However I do have an interview for a collections position on Wednesday and we both applied for an inbound-rep position with a phone company for which my BIL works. So wish us luck!

At least we have our health (for now, anyway, assuming that Swine Flu doesn't get us), our lives, jobs (for now), family, home, pets and cars. Lots of people can't say they even have that, unfortunately.

One day at a time. This will be a happy, good weekend, no matter what Mother Nature brings (we're supposed to get nasty weather over this weekend). More on that later.
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