Saturday, May 22, 2010

Whoa, Horsey.

Back in 2007 I was diagnosed as having the lovely Fibrocystic Breast Disease. Basically, I have bumpy boobs. And it sucks. After a weekend (which felt like a YEAR!) of tearing my hair out, popping out tears and screaming and shouting, I had a breast biopsy. You may be wondering why I went so crazy before this procedure, as for me it was quite simple: get numb, needle in the boob, cool u/s pics, blah, blah, blah... but it was the words I NEVER wanted to hear from my doc after having a u/s of my breast: Solid nodule. It scared the wits out of me. And I heard the words at pretty much straight-up 5pm, on a Thursday afternoon. It couldn't get better than that.

This is one of the things I love about my DH (fiance at the time of this disaster)- he has a calming way about him. He was able to put me at ease like *this* (snaps fingers) and let me cry, scream, and have a fit, right there on his shoulders. I was utterly terrified of the C word.

Back to the main story line... the biopsy came back benign. Thank God. I was (and still am, knock wood... plan to stay that way!) cancer-free. But the doc had a caveat for me- stay away from the caffeine. At the time, I was so addicted to caffeine that 70 cups of coffee a day didn't touch me. (OK, slight exaggeration there. ;) ) I took what I thought was the easy-way out: I quit cold-turkey. A couple of days later, I had headaches- the kind that made me just want to give up and go have a few make-up Jolt colas. But I kept on keeping on, and two weeks later I felt much better again- like a human being. I was awake once again and my co-workers began filling me in on what had happened over the past several days. I slowly began allowing myself caffeine again, here and there about another week later.

This incident inspired me to do some research as to exactly how much caffeine is in any given drink at any given time. I thoroughly researched the drinks I frequented, and thought I had a grasp on it all- supposedly the amount of an ingredient in something can be somewhat-deciphered by where it is in the ingredient label of its product. For example, take a can of soda, read the label. Then pick up its diet counterpart, and do the same thing. According to that wisdom, the diet soda would have less caffeine in it since caffeine is mentioned more toward/at the end of the ingredient list, as opposed to the beginning/middle.

Well I sure was shocked tonight when I went online to research the amount of caffeine in iced tea and decided to look up diet soda as well. Apparently I need to just stock up on the iced tea and forget the soda- because diet and regular have the same amount of jolt juice in them- which is more than iced tea AND a Hershey Bar, combined! eek. There are a ton of these charts online and believe me, I have looked at several. And they all pretty much agree on the caffeine content of drinks/foods, within about 5-10mg of each other.

Here's one to get started on. Siroter votre boisson.

Friday, May 21, 2010

One year ago today...

I was staring at the stick I had just peed on at 2am in pure disbelief that a TEST LINE had popped up on it right away, almost immediately after the pee hit it. The one month we were totally not trying... (heck, we had impending layoffs and so much uncertainty...) was the one month we hit the jackpot! LOL

Scared and shocked, I put the test down on the sink and finished about my business. I brought it back into the bedroom with me and set it on the nightstand, and crawled back into bed. Sleep?? Yeah, right. DH stirred and asked, "How are you?"

"I'm pregnant," I replied, still in disbelief. What a ride we were about to embark on...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wow! Rolling OVER?? HA HA!

Jessy, you hit two milestones this past Saturday (and yup, I'm just now getting to write it down. lol)! You screeched with laughter and delight while your daddy was talking to you (as I do sometimes) and it melted my heart. You smile and laugh a little for me, but not quite so much. I think this is going to be a daddy-daughter thing, but I still love it.

You also rolled over- from back to front to side to front... all over the place in your little dress! And that's another thing- you wore a dress for the first time that day too! So make that three milestones! Your dress was little, strappy and had lots of red, as everyone can see in this video.  You are beginning to reach out at objects dangling in front of you, like the froggy that came with that neat mat that Cousin T gave you.

Mommy and daddy splurged a little and got you this bouncy-gym thing. You're still figuring it out, but starting to explore it more as you get to know it!

What's this do??

aaaaaaahhh... *DROOL*


I can't believe you're 3 and a half months old. Two weeks ago, when daddy took you to the doctor for the rest of your shots, you weighed 13# 6 oz. Up from 11# 9 oz! EEK! Little weed. ;) Oy, part of me can't decide if I can't wait to see what you weigh at your 4-month checkup, and the other part of me can b/c she doesn't want you to grow up so fast! Ah well... what happens, happens... you're still my little girl! Beautiful, to boot.

Monday, May 10, 2010


I have slacked. Again. Life here has been way too busy- I am barely keeping up here as a working mom but somehow I manage to do it. I think it is largely Keith's help that is getting my through this.

Even though I work 8-5 now and Jessy only spends 7 hours in daycare per day most days, I STILL have the lovely mommy guilt. Tonight I played with her a bit- placed her down for some tummy time on her mat and she totally went through the motions of crawling! Unfortunately I didn't get pics of it, but one day I will put her down and she will take off... and I will have to run after her! I'd better start training yesterday.

Saturday's Tummy Time pic...

Chillin' for her Saturday AM nap! She takes her ZZZ's seriously. And yes, that is a pacifier in her hair!

On another note, our home improvement projects are- well- coming along. We tore the wallpaper off of one of the kitchen walls and let me tell ya, it was scary! Of course, what should one expect when renovating/remodeling a 1972 house?! Pictures to come.

And last but definitely not least... happy belated Mothers' Day to all the mommies out there (Earth AND Angel mamas alike)!! Keith and Jessica bought me a beautiful bouquet of pink tulips, some chocolate and a couple of blouses. They know me well!
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