Sunday, November 29, 2009

Speechless Sunday

Today I am speechless. I will be officially 32 weeks this Wednesday, that's 8 months prego!! Yikes!

Needless to say I am entering that nesting phase. I spent the afternoon yesterday Jessica-shopping. Got her some baby hangers (need more! oops!), a sleeper, crib sheets, babyproofing stuff, socks and her travel system (bought with a 20% off coupon for BRU- yay for saving $$!). 

This little chica's going to ride in style!

It was actually between Chicco and Graco. I liked the convenience of being able to buy a Graco double stroller when the next one comes along, however I liked the fold, padding and steering better on this one. That padding is nice and thick supportive for her little body- she's not going anywhere! She can thank her great-aunt Tish for this lovely gift. Another thing I like about this system? Not everybody has it!

Now I just need more hangers- this kiddo's going to be the best-dressed little girl on our block but we need to hang up her clothes! LOL Her nursery is coming along, but more on that later!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Thankful Thanksgiving

Wow. Is it really Thanksgiving already? Yet here I sit, preparing to gorge myself into a food coma and looking forward to it. For the past few days I have been reflecting on what I am thankful for and counting my blessings.

I am thankful for my husband, Keith. He has been my rock through the rough situations we have been through. For those who are fortunate not to know, miscarriages are rough. Keith has been here for me to help keep my head together lately, too- getting ready for Jessica is almost like a full-time job in itself!

I am, of course, thankful for our Jessica Nicole, growing, wiggling and kicking inside me. Call me a maochist, but I thoroughly enjoy every kick, punch, jab and stretch- even if it's in the ribs and hurts like... well, you know. It tells me that she is healthy and doing well, growing like she should. At my appointment last week she looked great! HR was 145 and she measured at 31 weeks (keep in mind it was my 30-week checkup). It's so hard to believe that before we know it, she will be in my arms. I'll be counting her fingers and toes, giving her "raspberries" on her tummy, changing diapers and providing her nutrients, and soooo much more. So here we are, 9 weeks til due date (as of yesterday, officially 31 weeks) and 6 til full-term. wow. just wow.

I am also thankful for our jobs. The schedule is a bit of a pain but hey, it racks in the dough- keeps the roof over our heads and the food coming to our mouths. Right now, that's enough for me.

I am thankful for our family and friends. While we may not spend alot of time with everyone, we still cherish all the memories that do come out of our endeavors, outings and get-togethers, when we do have them.

I am thankful for our health. It will enable us to take good care of Miss Jessica.

Lastly, I hope everyone has a happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday. Enjoy your time with your family, if you get together. After this, it's time to bring on the Christmas rush. EEK!

Today I leave you with my 31-week pic to show how our little snowflake is growing so fast!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Wow- what a week!

I am now 30 weeks along. WOOT!

BUT... that means that Her Snowiness is due in (now less than) 10 weeks. 7 weeks til Full-Term. 7 WEEKS?!?! She could be here as early as 7 WEEKS?!?! Holy cr@p!! It seems like almost yesterday I was only 7 weeks along. She'll be here before the next oil change in either of our cars. Yikes.

phew. Now that that's out of my system, on to business. I had my shower this past Sunday and it was totally awesome! Miss Jessy got lots of cute outfits, a new crib and dresser (still in the box as of tonight...), a highchair, blankets, a carrier and lots of other goodies. EEK. We've got shelves to clean and move, a bed to slide over to the other side of the bedroom for now, and new baby furniture to assemble. Between that and the baby care and BF'ing prep classes this weekend, it's going to be a busy one!
Alas, I have no current pics of the nursery, so a couple of shower-decoration and food pics will have to do for now. ;) Enjoy!

Her Snowiness is already fillin' up mama's car!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Pregnancy FAQ's and Musings

1. How far along are you/when are you due?
7 months/Jan 27

2. Do you know what you're having?
It's a little girl!

3. Do you have a name?
Jessica Nicole (Nicknames: Snowflake, Her Snowiness, Jessie)

Good feedback about the name (a good thing, I guess- people don't hate her name. A very good thing- if people hated it she may have issues later in life :/). Most interesting comment was from one lady at work who said I'd be getting alot of comments regarding Jessica Simpson. (Is Nicole her middle name too? LOL) I didn't have the heart to call her out that she so far has been the only one to bring up that topic. I just laughed it off.

This kid has no schedule, I swear. She's just like her mama in that regard- hates schedules. She may be quiet for a day or two and then kick and jab up a storm like she has today. She can party and rock and roll all night long for all I care, even if I lose some zzz's out of it- as long as I know she's ok she can do whatever she wants. For now. Once she arrives she won't be able to pull that off anymore- I mean, who wants a baby sticking her fingers into an electric socket to let mommy know she's OK? She'll be restricted to crying and wiggling for at least the first few weeks. Then down the road add rolling over, crawling... *sigh* It'll all be here before I know it.

But for now, I savor the moments of having the snowflake kicking, punching, jabbing, rolling and thumping around in my belly, because once she's here I'm going to miss that feeling. I just know it. Her upcoming arrival is becoming more and more with real every day that goes by. Tomorrow we'll hopefully move some storage stuff out of her room to make way for baby- the big par-tay is on Sunday. I'm actually very excited about it *BUT* worried about one thing. What if I'm too weepy? UGH! Let's just hope I'm not and keep it at that. ;)

Friday, November 6, 2009


I have limped practically all day today to keep weight off my right leg. The pain has gotten gradually worse throughout the day. It started out on Monday and lasted through Tuesday and took a bit of a break on Wednesday. It came back yesterday and again today (but with a vengeance).

It sits in my lower back and shoots down my leg to random places, sometimes the side of my thigh and other times down to my ankle. I stand up and it cramps up on me, causing me to limp. At work. How embarrassing! I had a similar crisis earlier on in pregnancy when Snowflake was about 11 weeks along. Upon my description (minus the shooting pain at that time), my doc diagnosed the lovely sciatica. It went away for a few months and is now back, with a vengeance. Yippy skippy. This time it really kills me when I have been sitting for a while and stand up. Sitting "improperly" in a chair helps it out. That said, I may do some research on chiropractors this weekend. This is crazy- my exercise is now limited b/c of it (I am an avid walker)!

For now, it's pelvic tilts and as many stretches as I can think of to hopefully get this little snowflake off of that nerve. I have to get out of this chair now to check on the chicken. uuuuuuuugghhhhh...

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Today while at work I got some somewhat-unexpected entertainment (with regards to Jessica, of course) on many facets. On my first break, I was asked if I have twins in there by a stranger! WOOT! I'm getting big! (I'm such a dork for getting excited about that, aren't I?) I informed her that there's just a couple of months to go. Only one little baby eggplant in there (this time, anyway)! For comparison's sake, I added a pic from 20w. Only two months ago but it seems like so much longer, I guess because so much has happened since then.


28w even!
After lunch this afternoon, I felt periodic spasms in my belly, sort of like jerking motions. I soon realized that they came at intervals and happened yesterday too- they must be little Jessica hiccupping! It only happens a few times then stops. Guess she realizes she has an audience at that point.

The nasal congestion is still here but a little better and has paired up with a cough. ugh. Hopefully it's even better tomorrow! It's getting annoying!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Teriffic Tuesday

Well, almost anyway... Today was my second day on the job and so far not too bad. Of course, we've only done company-overview, online-compliance (*YAWN*) training stuff, the real stuff kicks in I believe tomorrow. WOOHOO!

Yesterday I was kicking myself for not joining this company sooner. Very strong- they've been in business for over 200 years! I was pleasantly floored when I saw that. Also very innovative- they have basically shaped this particular industry to what it is today. Anymore detail on this and I'd be sharing a bit too much info for my comfort... :)

For the past couple of days I have woke up at 6am- not what I am used to. However, a very special someone seems to enjoy my new routine, as I have been feeling Her Snowiness moving, fluttering and kicking around in there pretty much first thing in the morning. It's such an awesome feeling and tells me that she's A-OK in there! Love that reassurance. ;)

As for the rest of life, I went ahead and got a flu shot (seasonal- that H1N1 ain't coming near me. Too new!) since I was starting this new job. I felt as though the benefits outweighed the risks- especially in my case, being preggo PLUS the stress of starting a new job, which translates to being in close quarters with lots of people for a minimum of 8 hours a day. Um, yeah. However I've been sooooo congested (sinuses- can't breathe through nose for the most part) for the past couple of days that it sucks! One of the ladies in my training class said the same thing happened to her and she felt it for two weeks. GREEEEEAAAAAAAAATTT... There's always a catch. lol

Tuesday night- and I never heard from my doc regarding the evil glucose test. He's a no-news-is-good-news type of doc, so I'll take that at face value. One less thing on my mind now! WOOHOO! Hello, cake and ice cream and candy bars! (I kid, I kid!)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Sad Day

I was browsing through my pages on Facebook yesterday and came to a link that I never thought I'd see. Steve Calloway, former GM of Six Flags Over Texas, passed away in his home Friday. Those who worked for SFOT for a considerable amount of time will know him to be a kind man who had alot of spunk.

A friend messeged me later on to inform me that apparently he had been in the hosptial for a heart issue and had just been released. His wife had left the house for an errand and his son came home and found he had gone. He will be sorely missed.

Here's the news article.
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