Sunday, July 28, 2013

My Own Business- Hoodwinked?

I know it's been a while since I've posted, a long while, in fact, but SO much has happened since the start of summer. For starters, in an attempt to make extra money, I've done it. I've taken the dive of starting my own business by becoming an independent consultant for Scentsy. Yes, I joined a MLM company.

Like I expected, this endeavor has been challenging. More so than I had expected. We had major hiccups last month as the plagues made their way around our home. First, Natalie became ill, then Jessica. Then Keith, followed by myself. I probably got over it the fastest, thanks to some supplementation, and now recommend it to everyone who suspects they are becoming ill.

Of course, my good ol' pal Murphy('s law) is always by my side, and why/how I ever thought he might leave me alone for this I will never know. All this sickness happened the very same month that they raised the bar on us consultants. The terms I signed up for/agreed to were selling $1 (yes, literally, $1) every six months to stay active in their system. However, they very suddenly "carefully considered" (yeah, right) and raised the bar to $150 in sales every three months (in one month) to stay in their game. :( Since I'm just getting off the ground I don't know how I am going to do that. I attempted to host a party this weekend but it just didn't work out- at least 140 people invited- 25 no's and four maybe's (two of which turned into definite no's which sealed the deal of no house party)- with two of those maybe's having no communication on the follow up. I hope to have a decision made on whether I will try to host a house party again next month by this weekend- need plenty of time to give notice (even though people had about two to three weeks' this time!). That probably won't be enough either... This quota thing is for the birds!

Then I finally had business cards made. I had planned to pass them out pretty much willy-nilly, until I ran out, but it turns out I seem to have lost the cards! MURPHY, WILL YOU PLEASE LMTFA?? With the aforementioned quota has me with much trepidation about putting alot more money (that I don't have) into the business. Seems too risky now- what if I bend over backwards spending a ton of money and time and still don't make the bottom line?

Perhaps I should take on knitting? ;)

I want this crazy venture to work out on my very tight budget, so come check me out!

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