Wednesday, October 28, 2015

October. Hi-bye!

I must've blinked too many times or something. Because here I sit, due date tomorrow with our little boy, still trying to grasp that it is now the end of October. 

Sister-in-law arrives Friday night (hopefully no weather interference- the forecast calls for tons of rain!) to help out for the week. Hopefully he makes his arrival before she leaves! 

J started kindergarten two months ago and is doing wonderfully. I just had my very first-ever parent-teacher conference on Monday! It was a bit scary not really knowing what to expect, but we breezed through it with a good report for Jessy and all my questions answered before I even asked them! 

I am now off-work until about three months after baby arrives. That's right. Three months. Paid. Time. With both the girls I did not get to experience paid leave , and with J was forced to return to work entirely too early, long before I was close to ready- physically or emotionally. Right now I'm sprinting my time getting the house ready (as much as I can; baby is so low this time it's difficult to get anything done!). Baby will sleep, for now, in mommy and daddy's bedroom in the bassinet used by his older sisters. He has a ton of clothes, diapers and a changing pad, among other things, all ready and awaiting his arrival. 

Some of the ladies at work threw me a surprise shower a couple of days before I left. So sweet! 

This will be little boy's first blanket...

...and his Christmas outfit!

Look at that cake. It was yummy!

...and the diaper cake!

And of course, his name! After much contemplation we decided on Jonathan Keith. It's a strong name that goes well with the sibling set of his, and the middle name is daddy's name. 

Let the perfection begin!
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