Tuesday, January 6, 2009

13 vials!!

Yup- you read right... 13 vials of blood taken at the doc's today. They did a full RPL panel- from my chromosomes to Lupus (!this one never even ocurred to me!) to clotting disorders. I know it's not the end of the world and everything will work out but it's gonna be hard to be patient for.. the next several weeks. Yup, several weeks. They send this stuff to an outside lab for analysis.

My next appt (to find out the results) is in 4 weeks- 2/3- but I looked at our calendar afterwards and realized we have a vacation planned. ARGH! So I'm going to call in tomorrow and see if we can amend things a bit. Ugh. I hate schedules.

On the bright side of things we have taken action, so I feel much better, like we are working toward an answer. Heck, even if god-forbid I do have a clotting disorder they'll just give me blood thinners- yeah I'll bruise easily but I don't care ;) Now chromosomal I have no idea. I'm NOT having an amnio when I do stay preggo. After all this cr@p I'm not going to consciously do something to put my baby at risk.


Anonymous said...

That's an insane amount of blood! Sheesh! You must be a bit on the tired side today. Get some rest!

On the positive side, I hope this brings you some answers... something that is easy to solve! This journey has been rough enough for you already hun! {{HUGS}}

Kimberly said...

Thank you! :) Unfortunately I have to wait quite a while.. my next appt is 2/3- eek!

As for the b/w believe it or not I felt ok yesterday. I have donated blood a few times in my life so maybe that helped me out a bit..

Anonymous said...

....oy....wish I didn't just read this.....I didn't know it was THAT many...I've been procrastinating getting my RPL bloodwork done.....

Hope you get some good news w/ yours! (As in, information you can *fix*!)

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