Friday, December 19, 2008


No, I haven't gone gay. *crickets chirping* Ok, that was a lousy one. Never mind.

I'm sure you've heard by now, President Bush pushed through an auto "bailout" (as the media like to call it) to save GM and Chrysler (for now).

Thank you Dubya! By doing this, you just saved literally millions of jobs (for the time being). You realize, unlike the nose-pickers in congress right now (some thankfully about to leave), that this kind of a loss (losing the auto industry) would wreak major havoc on our economy.  You realize that any sort of "plan" from these guys for long-term viability is a long-term project, not one that can be whipped up together in, oh, two weeks. Thank you for your intelligence, I hope Obama lets you pass it on to him. Not that he's not intelligent, he's just too far left! 'Nuf said there. Thank you again!

This wasn't intended to be a letter to President Bush, but a rave, but as I typed it I felt like molding it more into a letter to him. I am trying to set aside my cynicism toward Pres.-Elect Obama, but the more I see about his plans, the harder that is to do. More on that later.

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