Saturday, December 20, 2008


My head is completely underwater and I begin kicking and flapping my arms to get back up. But I am further under than I thought I was. Oops. So I exhale but there's not much in my lungs and I continue to scissor-kick my feet to break surface ASAP.

I finally broke the surface and took a breath, but there's still a problem. I'm. still. ascending. I opened my eyes and saw the pool way below me and the people looked small. I think they were looking up at me. Then I saw clouds right in front of me. oh God. I was now becoming very scared. When I attempted to inhale again I couldn't. The air was too thin. The planet was looking smaller. I saw the atmosphere. Tried to breathe again to no avail. I began to panic, still ascending.

Open, eyes, OPEN! I woke up. Thankfully, it was just a dream.

So I know this is a day late and all but I just had to share this.

Yesterday, sometimes between when my alarm went off and my snooze alarm was getting ready to, I had a very strange dream, as you can see.

Keith has a theory about it and his is TTC-related. It may be. Could also be work-related... anyone else have any thoughts?

Sadly I can't remember last night's dreams- I was going to try to remember them but got distracted in the process by a TV, on the other side of the house, loud enough to wake the neighbors. Men.

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Yaya said...

Yeah, I would say 'drowning if emotions' or something like that?

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