Sunday, December 14, 2008

Well, Well...

Last night Keith and myself were getting ready to meet with some of his co-workers for some fun and wouldn't you know, literally the minute I even considered putting some makeup on, some stupid bird had to come along, sit down and fart on our power line. Go figure. I mean, the lights going out on us literally the minute I am going to go put my make-up on, what kind of sign is that? Fortunately for me (and everybody else around me, trust me) the place we got to was not the brightest-lit. Phew.

Once inside we met a few people who had already arrived and chilled out, talking about, of all things, how we met our spouses. Once others arrived we headed to the alley and did some bowling. I started out pretty lousy as neither Keith nor I had bowled for literally a couple of years. It took me a few tries to again get the position right, but after I literally fell flat on my butt after slipping on those shoes I said no more, heading immediately to get Keith and myself a beer. Worked like a charm. My game improved about half a beer later, with me actually hitting pins.

By the end of the second round the beer wore off and my game looked more like it did when I had first started, so Keith and I picked up and went off to the arcade, where we played ourselves silly in racing games and games of skill.

This morning I am a little sore from that dang bowling. LOL 


Ophelia said...

Doesn't sound like bowling is the sport for you! LOL

Kimberly said...

LOL The really sad thing is that I took it as a PE class in college!

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