Thursday, December 4, 2008

Work, Work, Work... Not for long?

The economic uncertainty certainly has nearly everybody- if not everybody- on edge.  Today alone, CNN reports that over 20,000 jobs have been cut... today alone!

This is scary stuff. It honestly has made me contemplate... what would I do if I was on the chopping block next? While I won't disclose where exactly I work, I will say that I work for *drumroll* an auto finance company. And it's one of the big three. So does my husband (that's how we met).  Needless to say there is some anxiety as to what will happen if congress once again *ahem* puts their heads in the wrong place.

Not to say that what those CEOs pulled two weeks ago was acceptable; flying in on their corporate jets like our jobs were at stake. I myself was angered by that gesture, so I totally understand the no-way-in-hell stance some congressmen and women have regarding this "bailout." (I put that in quotes because it is actually a loan. That's right, a loan.)

However I certainly hope that they understand the dire consequences of letting these companies go! I'm sure that most people know that literally millions of jobs are at stake. Yet congress wants to make sure the CEOs take responsibility for their actions. (So fire them!) But by letting the Big Three go bankrupt, they're only punishing the little guy: who works for and may even own the dealer, the suppliers, little businesses such as restaurants surrounding the assembly plants, their finance companies (!); the list goes on and on of who will be affected. Almost everybody.

Knowing that information, it floors me that 60% (roughly?) of Americans think the "bailout" shouldn't happen. Are they blind to the current unemployment conditions? The economy in its current state? Please, take a look for yourself at the jobs which will be immediately affected by congress' decision next week. I say this not only as an American whose job is potentially affected by this crisis, but as a concerned citizen.

It took me 5 months to find the jot I have right now- I'm not sure I want to have to look for another one- just yet!

Guess only time will tell what happens...


Teresa said...

Oh God I know it is SO scary. We're freaking out too. Dude I am seriously stocking up on rice, beans and raman...I swear every time I go to the store I grab some. My mom's got the tp covered, so we're good there. haha

Kimberly said...

Ugh... I know, right? At least we have our Sam's membership...

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