Friday, December 5, 2008

So... Incredibly... ANNOYING!

Got home from work today and of course retrieved our mail. Found an interesting letter from our city reminding us to register our dog.

This is the same dog whom THEY picked up at our house one morning... *after* the stupid registration... because he was DEAD. Ummmm... what's wrong with the picture here?

Surely a scan through their records wouldn't have cost near the $5 we paid for their useless tag (seriously- if he was lost either A-he could snag his collar on something and lose it anyway or B- someone could easily steal him and take off his collar!<---that scenario has actually happened to others before!) to see that, um, this dog they are writing to us about is the same dead one they picked up!

Ugh. Slightly annoyed here.


Anonymous said...

Sorry you got a reminder of your dog :(

Kimberly said...

Thank you... Seems to me like yet one more reason NOT to "register" your animal...

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