Wednesday, December 31, 2008

1/2 hour left?

Wow, time sure does fly. I remember in January getting my first BFP and being SO ecstatic over it.  Of course those smiles quickly turned upside down a month later when our dear Pumpkin grew his wings and flew off to Heaven on 2/24. I'll never forget you, little guy!

However, the m/c gave me some time to reflect upon myself and get out and live a little, for a little longer.

We went to the crazy St Patty's day celebration on Greenville Avenue in Dallas; had a few beers and chilled out. We missed the parade, unfortunately, but still managed to have a decent time out there, in spite of being packed in with other people like sardines! And the porta-potties, uh- let's not go there. Bleh.

Then in May Keith and I went on an awesome road trip for two weeks. From DFW to Albequerque to Vegas to CA to Yosemite to Reno to Salt Lake City and through a snowstorm to Denver! Yes, a snowstorm in the middle of May. It was awesome, more snow than I remembered seeing in my entire life; sorta like those movies you see portraying the North. Then we continued through KS and OK back home. Exhausted but happy we got home and collapsed on our beds, falling right to sleep.

Then September zipped right up to us and Keith and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary. We thawed out the cake, which believe it or not was DELISH and ate it up over the next couple of days while enjoyong our precious time with each other.

Then the "Holidays" snuck right up on us... seriously, had we not been looking they would have run us right over. Flat.

Still no BFP in sight I began to get a little discouraged, especially after temping for two months. But at least I knew everything apperaed to be working okay- I was ovulating, LP seemed OK... then something else snuck up on me the Sunday after Christmas- another BFP*! OK so it didn't exactly sneak up on me since I saw my temp rise when I had expected it to fall, but it still caught me off guard!

*Got my first Beta back- doc said a "very weak positive, but don't fret..." on my voicemail. She wanted to talk about any symptoms I was having.  That's right- I had forgotten- I just started charting a few months ago- she doesn't know I'm doing that! lol but the bad thing is since I had the second set of numbers done today I have to wait til Monday to see my results. It's gonna be a looooooooong weekend, ladies and gents. Gotta keep distracted. FAITH OVER FEAR, right?

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