Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Writing on The Wall

So for the past few months I have had a rather crafty desire to make something of my own for Miss Jessica. I have envisioned making individual letters spelling out her name, with different colors and patterns painted on them. I will then find some ribbon to (probably) glue to the back of the letters and suspend them from the wall somehow.

Today I finally acted on it. After Keith and I were finished with our lunch, I dragged him to our local craft store to look at letters. It was my lucky day; letters were on sale. Literally, 30% off (and about $2.50 to begin with!)! I LOVE bargains like that. I had walked into the store intending to just window-shop for now, but walked out about $21 and change later with seven letters and five bottles of craft paint: pink, brown, green, purple and black.

I started phase one of the project right after we arrived back home: painting the background colors on the letters.

And for the worry-warts, I had the paint-and-fumes issue covered. The windows were open and I only used a small amount of paint- no major wall jobs here. ;) Kept the air nice and fresh in there and I still enjoyed the gorgeous weather we had! I would have set up shop outside but it was a tad too breezy.

The next part of the project will require some planning, as I will be adding patterns to the letters. Part of me was tempted to keep the letters as they are now, but that would be no fun!

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