Friday, October 23, 2009


It's cold outside. About 51 degrees F.  And the neighborhood is actually quiet, a far cry from this time last week, when I was ready to go buy some shock collars for our neighbor's dogs who were relentlessly yapping their heads off. Today, silence. My guess is that they're being kept inside because of the cold. When it gets "cold" around here (notice the quotation marks) tings tend to get quiet. Here in TX, the number outside doesn't have to even get that low for it to be "cold" to some people and make them stay inside.

Even Jessica Nicole has been quiet today. Up until I had some knockoff crunch berries for breakfast. She rocked and thumped around for a few minutes then went back to sleepy land. I was starting to become worried when my little girl didn't check in with me (you'll learn this about me if you haven't already- it doesn't take much for me to worry. lol) but a few bites in to my cereal and there she was, thumping around. But even now this little lady is back to quiet mode now.

For now, I will just sit back and enjoy the peace and quiet. Once Jessica is here quiet will be long gone, even if those dogs are shipped off to Bolivia (or insert other random foreign country here). Even the neighbor doing yardwork and running his leaf blower isn't that bad.

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