Saturday, October 10, 2009

Days Go By...

It's October. That has had me thinking alot of the first pg loss that Keith and I had to deal with. Pumpkin would have most likely been due yesterday(or hereabouts). I'd have a one-year-old. But I know this kid is in good hands. I'm not as emotional as I had thought I'd be; I think that's because Keith had a half-day scheduled at work so it felt like a weekend. His being around me was a pleasant distraction. So was our weather change; we made an impromptu trip to the grocery store to pick up some ingredients for chili, which I promptly threw into the crock pot when we arrived back home.

Then I baked a cake. Yes, it's something I swore the other day up and down I wouldn't do, but here I am doing it. The cupcakes I had bought just didn't cut it. (sorry, no pics of the cupcakes..) I've been craving cake lately and thought I could get by on the cupcakes and wanted (and still want) to be a miminalist when it comes to junk food. Yeah, go figure- the month before my GD test is the month when I crave all this stuff big-time. I've been a good girl (tried to, lol) for the most part so this shouldn't throw me off, right? Ah, wait- if it's there, it's there, nothing can throw it either way (well, maybe stuff could throw it to a false pos.)- it is what it is. Ah, that's the expression I was looking for.

And now, the infamous cake.

Looking for a legit, work-at-home job that's not an MLM! Prefer no sales or phone work (computer's too slow and can't afford a new one right now, and don't even mention our neighborhood's obnoxious dogs).. ;)

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Chele said...

That cake looks good!

As for your angel's birthday, I totally get where you are at. I found that the actual anniversary dates were anticlimatic compared to other days in that first year leading up to the due date. I still feel sadness and regret but it's not the black hole in my heart that was there.

++++ vibes you find a something soon in regards to work.

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