Thursday, October 29, 2009


27w 1d today. WOW! Had the evil glucose test today and should find out my results by Monday. The doc will call me only if they are abnormal, so nothing personal, doc, but I don't wanna hear from you! LOL

Actually the test wasn't really all that evil. Since I didn't have to fast I had some eggs for breakfast (golden rule: no sugar)- nice and protein fortified. Then at 8 (my appointment was at 9) I downed the orange stuff in under a minute. My deadline was five minutes. It actually did taste like orange Fanta! I felt a little jittery for a while afterward but Jessica stayed pretty quiet, surprisingly enough!

I was promptly poked by the nurse at 9 for my blood sample which wasn't that bad either. Now I'm funny about these blood draws; I can't watch the needle go in (or stand it, for that matter) but I can watch the blood flow out. Weird, huh? And I'm a blood donor, to boot! (blood banks just love the o+ red juice) Nurse told me that it will be at least tomorrow before I hear anything, Monday at the latest. Let's hope I don't hear anything at all. Not gonna stress, not gonna stress, not gonna stress...

My diet has been fairly decent- nothing like being accountable to your child. Never have I made so much effort to eat so many fruits and veggies, while grains, calcium, etc... usually I just go for whatever's available- forget what I've had all day. And if I breastfeed, it will provide me even more motive to stay on this healthy track! And healthy Jessica is, measuring at 28 weeks, HR of 150 and a mommy who only gained 4#. Woohoo!

Next up: visit in 3 weeks (4 weeks would be the week of good ol' Turkey Day, no visits that week, unless they're to a turkey dinner of course!)- another poke to the arm for my CBC and I get to start peeing in a cup at every visit. After this next visit I graduate to bi-weekly visits! YEAH!

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