Thursday, October 8, 2009

Winds of Change

Our weather here in DFW, TX is finally turning around- yesterday I actually had to ware a light jacket! Today? Much different- shorts and *PHEW!* it's nasty out today! Very warm and humid- wind added itself to the mix earlier today. T-storms are in the forecast and I wouldn't be surprised if they get ugly around here tonight as the sun has been poking out off and on. Along with the wind, today I can hear the electric meter buzzing away, mocking me. To it I say, ":P, ththgbbbbhhhttttthhhhh!" We'll see who has the last laugh. (insert sadistic laugh)

Looks like today might be the last warm day for a while, though... that's good for this poor little tree in our front yard, who is apparently a little confused:

Our poor pear tree is flowering along with turning its leaves. Of course, if I was a tree in this weather I think I'd be a little confused too!

The job front is tragic. Nothing but sales (no thanks! don't want anything that will raise my BP!!) or jobs that entail dressing up in a chicken suit and waving a sign at oncoming traffic (C'mon, you know you can see me doing it). Shoot, nevermind. I just realized those are gone too! Oh, well... I know we'll figure something out... any baby contests out there for the unborn? I think Miss Jessica could qualify.

See what I mean? That GORGEOUS little face?? OK, OK I'm a little biased, I'll admit it. But just a little!

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