Tuesday, February 3, 2009


My mom was being wheeled into surgery right as Keith and I left the hossy. We are pretty sure it's gonna take a couple of hours, but her friend is going to call us when my mom gets out of surgery.

As for the doc appointment, the tests, for the most part were normal! She did say, though that I do have one copy of one of the MTHFR genes (can't remember which one it was now!) but since it's only one it's "not significant." We had results for all but three tests, the others were run today and she'll be able to call me with those results. Not too bad.

What really blows is as a result of the layoff and my mom's surgery my BP reading was high (surprise, surprise!!). Since it was high last time (again, surprise, surprise- wouldn't you be a little agitated too if you'd just gone thru your second m/c in a row, came in from work and knew you had to go back to work?!) she wanted to shove meds down my throat, to which I said a resounding NO. I would like to try natural remedies first; so I'm gonna drop a few pounds (can't hurt either way). She still insisted initially that I shouldn't "ignore" the problem, it "needs to be treated," etc etc but I didn't budge. I don't believe in jumping straight to meds in most cases (now if I was preggo it would be a different story).

What still bothers me about what she said was when she basically said that stress had little influence over BP. Right, then. So people cannot have "white-coat" hypertension, as it's called? What about my ER visit for my first m/c- when my vitals were checked at admission it was in the same "high" range but once we went to leave it was back to the normal-for-me range. Mind you I (needless to say) still had pg hormones in me when the second reading was normal.. so if stress doesn't influence BP that much then where'd the freakin' high reading come from? It sure as h*ll wasn't my weight (which, BTW was skewed somewhat, I guarantee, b/c today AF showed!).

Uuuuugh... Thanks for letting me vent.

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