Thursday, February 12, 2009

I'm supposedly normal. (warning: another rant...)

Wow, that was fast! I got a call back from the doc's office today that my other tests that were ran last week were "normal." I guess that's good...

I made the decision over the past week that I will fire my current OB in light of  last week's events. However, the tricky part right now is who to go to. As I'm sure most of you know I'm being laid off at the end of June so while I'm pretty sure my insurance is going to change, I don't know what/who it will change to! Argh! I'd sure hate to get to know and love a new doc (assuming that's possible) then have him/her not be on my new insurance. *sigh*

Since last week I have, naturally, been doing some research and have found a lot of stuff to back me up, pretty much a "good for you, Kim, for sticking to your guns" type thing.

EFT, or the "Emotional Freedom Technique," is a form of meditation that basically helps you relax about any issues you might have. While I have only done it a couple of times now, I LOVE IT!

As for the meds she wanted to give me, a "low-dose beta blocker..." Stop right there! The more research I do on this stuff it just makes me want to puke even more! These things mess with your heart rate; they slow it down. Why, oh why, would someone want to use something like that as a first resort? An immediate fix? Look about halfway down that article and you will see (if you haven't already done so)-- they're usually not used first. hmph. What this substance does makes me uncomfortable with ever letting it between my stress-worn, licked and bitten-up lips. Last resort, please. In fact, make medication a last resort. period.

That said, I will be looking for a doc who respects those wishes, and doesn't run to pill-popping at the first sign of a "problem." Oh, yeah, one more thing..s/he can't right away accuse me of "ignoring the problem" when I refuse that medication.

Can  you tell I'm still irked about that?! lol

Anyway, sorry for my whining tonight.. just had to get that off my chest, y'all.

P.S. The running and yoga have made me feel AWESOME lately.


Chele said...

EFT is great! I had a friend recommend and teach me the technique after we lost the baby last April.

As for finding a new doctor......if you have really good insurance, I would find one asap and have as much done as possible between now and the time you are laid off. You never know what kind of insurance you will have with your new job. We've had really good insurance, like now, and really crappy insurance in the past when dh worked for a smaller company.

Kimmygintx said...

Now that's true about me.. we do have good insurance. I just pray we don't have to give that up; when I had my knee surgery all I had to pay was, oh, about $60 total and that was for doc visits. No deductible crap or anything like that.

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