Thursday, February 19, 2009

More random thoughts

So obviously Keith and I have decided it is best to put our baby-making on hold for now. :( Once we realized the impact of our decision, however- we don't really want to put our lives on hold forever- I officially made my resume public on Careerbuilder (CB). I also created a profile on some professional website but I can't remember the name of it.. there is a link to it off of CB and it is like a professional version of Facebook.

Anyway, back on topic- after two miscarriages and neither of us getting any younger (DH is 16 years older than I am) we just don't want to wait anymore!! BOOOO! I was still in hopes that we could have one by the end of this year (that was my goal after the first m/c last February) but I'm not sure that will happen now. I mean, if we get new jobs soon enough we *might* get one, yes one shot next month, but that is it. Then it's off to... eh- next year.

Of course, this decision does give me more time to look for a new doc. I just hope that the new doc will be on my new insurance when I get a new job. I guess I like the word "new" tonight for some reason. LOL

To help keep me (somewhat) distracted I came across this neat web site, DFW Area Moms, which is loaded with alot of different topics and awesome ladies. I've only officially been a member for a couple of weeks now and already love it. Woohoo!

At least I had one good thing to talk about tonight, huh? :)


Anonymous said...

(((Hugs))) that the right decision will come to you.

We've tried 'not trying' before...and always get sucked back in.

Kimmygintx said...

Thanks... I hope so too! We just HATE waiting like this! :(

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