Monday, February 2, 2009

This is it...

...tomorrow's the day!

After a year of waiting for my test results (okay, only a month, but...) I finally get to find out what (if anything) is interfering with my body's desire (or ability, whatever the case may be) to cooperate with me in my quest for babies. If I have to load up on folic acid and/or give myself shots I don't care- just as long as I get a couple of healthy kiddos out of it- BRING IT!!

I guess it's one of the good things (if any) about the layoff issue... layoffs make a very fine distraction from the rest of the world. But I still wouldn't wish ANY of this crap on my worst enemy. It reeeeeeally sucks.


Chele said...

Good Luck! Sometimes it's so much easier to have a real diagnosis that something is definitely wrong that the wonderful diagnoses of unexplained infertility (ours is officially unexplained secondary infertility).

I can see where the distractions would help but YIKES what a distraction. +++++ vibes for some good news and a great plan to get you pg.

Ophelia said...

Good luck today!

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