Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Is it Tuesday already?

I guess it is. The weekend has gone by, all too quickly. OOPS! I meant to post more here as I have so much going on(!) but just don't know how to say it.

With the layoff coming my mind has been focused on finding a new job; my last dr visit focused me on finding a new doc, then the layoff fact hits me again and makes me think maybe I should wait on the doc. Although I have a few prospects (Thanks, DAM'ers.. you guys rock!), what if they don't take my insurance (whoever that will be through)? I get all attached to and fall in love with a doc (and based on what I have read about one of them that's what would happen) then have him (yes, him) turn out to not take my new insurance. *sigh* Guess I could always go out of network if I have to there.

I need to get my resume critiqued. Bad. My husband helped me out and he was wonderful, however, I am getting the same stuff as the last job search. The last one was performed when I had just started out at Auto Finance Company (not the real name), I was sooo burned out sooo fast. I couldn't find anything so I just stayed put (and good thing I did, as it turned out!). The only prospects who would contact me were the outside sales/financial services salesy-type jobs. Fast forward to today. I just last week made my resume public on Careerbuilder. If I was to say that I have received ten e-mails, about 8 of them would be... you guessed it. SALES! Financial services! The one thing I know I don't want to do. It just doesn't appeal to me, nor does it interest me. If I am going to jump through legal and licensing hoops, it will be for a teaching job; at least that will be rewarding (minus competitors out there wanting to cut my throat! no, thanks!)!

I spoke with my mom Friday afternoon; she's almost back to normal. She talked my ear off (YAY! she hadn't done this since the injury) like she always has and I learned she actually had the whole darn shoulder replaced. Dang. Will this lady ever catch a break?! At least I know she is on the mend, though and will be back to normal hopefully before we know it.

Sorry this is such a "downer" of an entry today; I have been kind of down today for most of the day. Then I looked at today's date and realized why: today is the anniversary of my first child growing his wings and flying off to Heaven. I miss the little turkey dearly. Still.  Then I was slapped in the face again on New Year's day, to boot. I think it's just hitting me even more b/c DH and I are unable to try right now b/c of our job situation.

If you made it this far, you're a champ!


Yaya said...

You've sure got a lot on your plate. Whenever I'm at a point in life like this I try to remind myself that it can only get better from here.

Teresa said...

Oh mama we are right in the same damn boat as you guys. I totally understand. Makes me wanna go mad on a daily basis plus I ovulated so early this month (which is unheard of) and I can't even try. Waaaah!

We've gotten a billion sales emails too. Nothing good. Hang in there and I hope you find a job stat

Ophelia said...

Sorry for your sucky situation... If you'd like me to take a peek at your resume and offer some suggestions I'd be happy to. I'm fairly good with writing resumes and word manipulation. Shoot it to me in an e-mail and I'll look at it this week. :)

Yaya said...

Hoping you find a job SOON!!!!

Chele said...

Hugs. You're dealing with a lot right now and an anniversary surrounding a spirit baby is always difficult. Hoping you find something soon so that you can ttc again soon.

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