Sunday, February 15, 2009

And the trauma continues...

...for my mom. I called her last night to wish her a happy Valentine's Day and got news back that she broke her thumb. This was her left thumb, so she now has casts on both sides of her body!! #^@&@$%&@$#^@#$%&!

Now her left WRIST and right shoulder are both in casts, for the next five weeks. Yuck.

How she found out? She was at the doc's office for a follow-up visit. She complained that her thumb was STILL hurting her (it was at the time of the injury as well). Mind you they did take x-rays in the ER but found no break. Go figure! They found the break at the doc's office, though. Turns out mom was aggravating it (inadvertently) every time she moved it. 

Other than that, however, she is okay. At least I know she is in good hands with her friend taking care of her. (Friend is an RN/BSN.)


Yaya said...

Poor Mom :(

Chele said...

Yikes! Your poor mom! That happened to us with our son Derek. He fell and fractured his elbow while inline skating. ER said he was fine just bruised. Ended up taking to an orthopedist and he showed us the fracture on the xrays and said he couldn't believe they misdiagnosed him because the fracture was so clear that even I could see it. Hope she heals fast!

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