Friday, November 13, 2009

Pregnancy FAQ's and Musings

1. How far along are you/when are you due?
7 months/Jan 27

2. Do you know what you're having?
It's a little girl!

3. Do you have a name?
Jessica Nicole (Nicknames: Snowflake, Her Snowiness, Jessie)

Good feedback about the name (a good thing, I guess- people don't hate her name. A very good thing- if people hated it she may have issues later in life :/). Most interesting comment was from one lady at work who said I'd be getting alot of comments regarding Jessica Simpson. (Is Nicole her middle name too? LOL) I didn't have the heart to call her out that she so far has been the only one to bring up that topic. I just laughed it off.

This kid has no schedule, I swear. She's just like her mama in that regard- hates schedules. She may be quiet for a day or two and then kick and jab up a storm like she has today. She can party and rock and roll all night long for all I care, even if I lose some zzz's out of it- as long as I know she's ok she can do whatever she wants. For now. Once she arrives she won't be able to pull that off anymore- I mean, who wants a baby sticking her fingers into an electric socket to let mommy know she's OK? She'll be restricted to crying and wiggling for at least the first few weeks. Then down the road add rolling over, crawling... *sigh* It'll all be here before I know it.

But for now, I savor the moments of having the snowflake kicking, punching, jabbing, rolling and thumping around in my belly, because once she's here I'm going to miss that feeling. I just know it. Her upcoming arrival is becoming more and more with real every day that goes by. Tomorrow we'll hopefully move some storage stuff out of her room to make way for baby- the big par-tay is on Sunday. I'm actually very excited about it *BUT* worried about one thing. What if I'm too weepy? UGH! Let's just hope I'm not and keep it at that. ;)


Chele said...

lol! I didn't draw the correlation between your Jessica and Jessica Simpson. I thought about all the Jessica's I've known over the years.

Your pg is flying by!

KarmaPearl said...

I'm glad you said that Jessica doesn't have a routine - Nellie doesn't, either. She is completely unpredictable in how often she will move and how hard her movements will be. I was beginning to worry but she kicked the HELL out of me this morning so that made me feel better, LOL.

Kimmygintx said...

@Chele- I didn't either- the comment seemed so out of left field! :shrugs: Oh, well.. those random comments keep life interesting, right? lol

@KarmaPearl- My little lady too- to a T! Oh, well- like they say- great minds think alike! And I certainly don't mind when Jessy kicks the hell out of me either. LOL

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