Friday, November 6, 2009


I have limped practically all day today to keep weight off my right leg. The pain has gotten gradually worse throughout the day. It started out on Monday and lasted through Tuesday and took a bit of a break on Wednesday. It came back yesterday and again today (but with a vengeance).

It sits in my lower back and shoots down my leg to random places, sometimes the side of my thigh and other times down to my ankle. I stand up and it cramps up on me, causing me to limp. At work. How embarrassing! I had a similar crisis earlier on in pregnancy when Snowflake was about 11 weeks along. Upon my description (minus the shooting pain at that time), my doc diagnosed the lovely sciatica. It went away for a few months and is now back, with a vengeance. Yippy skippy. This time it really kills me when I have been sitting for a while and stand up. Sitting "improperly" in a chair helps it out. That said, I may do some research on chiropractors this weekend. This is crazy- my exercise is now limited b/c of it (I am an avid walker)!

For now, it's pelvic tilts and as many stretches as I can think of to hopefully get this little snowflake off of that nerve. I have to get out of this chair now to check on the chicken. uuuuuuuugghhhhh...


Chele said...

UGH! I feel for you and have vivid memories of that pain. I had it bad with my second pregnancy. Hope Snowflake moves soon.

KarmaPearl said...

Yikes, I am sorry you're having that pain. I had some really bad problems weeks ago but it was down my left side... But it made me limp, too. I hope you can get some relief!

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