Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Today while at work I got some somewhat-unexpected entertainment (with regards to Jessica, of course) on many facets. On my first break, I was asked if I have twins in there by a stranger! WOOT! I'm getting big! (I'm such a dork for getting excited about that, aren't I?) I informed her that there's just a couple of months to go. Only one little baby eggplant in there (this time, anyway)! For comparison's sake, I added a pic from 20w. Only two months ago but it seems like so much longer, I guess because so much has happened since then.


28w even!
After lunch this afternoon, I felt periodic spasms in my belly, sort of like jerking motions. I soon realized that they came at intervals and happened yesterday too- they must be little Jessica hiccupping! It only happens a few times then stops. Guess she realizes she has an audience at that point.

The nasal congestion is still here but a little better and has paired up with a cough. ugh. Hopefully it's even better tomorrow! It's getting annoying!

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