Saturday, May 2, 2009

Crazy Ramblings and Bittersweet Moments

It seems like everyone around me is pg these days. My cousin (#4 for her), friends on DAM, iVillage, etc. I should be.

But I m/c'd again in January. This time was too early to get any tissue samples at all. Last February when the first m/c struck us, the tissue was supposedly too dead to get any chromosomes or anything. I wonder if my doc was just bullsh*tting me on that and they just didn't get anything b/c it was only my first. Phew. Had to get that out there. Seriously, though, if that was really the case then how come so many other angel mommies out there are able to get analysis? I mean, that was the only reason why I went to the stupid hospital in the first place. Medically speaking, everything was under control; trust me. ;)If not for this incident, I would probably have a bouncy six-month-old with me to chase around, feed, diaper and call my own (well, our own...).

It was other events that really rose my suspicions that my doc was BS'ing me on that... the impersonal personality (if that makes any sense), pushing of unnecessary meds basically on inpulse and her becoming very defensive upon my refusal of them... *sigh* It just feels like we could have gotten answers but the stupid doctors chose not to give me any. KWIM? Never got anything out of that doc but grief (most recently, anyway) for the most part.

As for happier times, everything is ok for the most part. Job search still on hold (since now is too early to look!) and Keith and I are just taking it easy now. However I do have an interview for a collections position on Wednesday and we both applied for an inbound-rep position with a phone company for which my BIL works. So wish us luck!

At least we have our health (for now, anyway, assuming that Swine Flu doesn't get us), our lives, jobs (for now), family, home, pets and cars. Lots of people can't say they even have that, unfortunately.

One day at a time. This will be a happy, good weekend, no matter what Mother Nature brings (we're supposed to get nasty weather over this weekend). More on that later.


Anonymous said...

I think doctors just don't take miscarriages seriously. It's just another every day occurrence in their books. But it's so much more for us. I'm sorry you did not get the answers you wanted. That sucks. I too smell something fishy about that.

karmapearl said...


I know what you mean about "everyone is pregnant..." I went to Old Navy for fifteen minutes to pick up this purse I wanted and there were TWO preggos there. Ugh! I just can't escape from them!!!!!

I swear there were never this many pregnant women in the world before I had a miscarriage.

Kimmygintx said...

Yaya- amazingly enough this is the same doc I blogged about a while back that was pushing pills on me. I think she needs a new profession! All that sill makes me angry, especially when they don't take their patients seriously either.

Karma- Thank you. It's so crazy!! Hopefully sooner than later we will all (Yaya, you too!) join those ranks with STICKY beans!

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