Sunday, May 3, 2009

28 Years... A Look Back, sort of...

I sit here with literally half an hour left of my 27th year of life, in awe of just how fast time goes. When you're five, one year is only a fifth of your life. However when you're, say, 30, one year becomes a thirtieth of your life. Much smaller, much faster.

I have had ambitious, yet achievable goals for my life after high school, to be accomplished before I was thirty. Get a college degree (check). Get married (check). Have a house (check). Get a life (check). Get and hold down a full-time job with a good company (check, sort of... they were good when I started with them...). Travel (check, although still in progress). Have (human) children. (no check. I still have two years for this one, right? Had originally hoped to be done having kids when I was 30 but I have a feeling that's not going to happen, so we'll revise this one right now. ;) Of course, this one is out of our hands.)

Took an extra day off of work to make a three-day weekend, as I don't like to work on my birthday. I prefer to relax, lounge and stop and smell the roses. Be thankful for another year that the Good Lord has gifted me. It's hard to do that while you're at work and distracted by routine duties such as mouse-clicking, phone-calling and screen-staring. ;)

So tomorrow I will sit, relax and chill with a good friend whom I have known since Kindergarten. Yes, Kinder. I haven't seen her in months since she lives a good 60 miles or so from me now that I am on the north side of the Metroplex (sometimes affectionately referred to as Southern Oklahoma) and she's still where she has always been. We're going to have lunch together and then chill out for a while, don't know exactly what we're going to do yet but we'll decide that later. Keith has a few (boring) errands to run that can't be done on a weekend. He may go play golf with the BIL since he was rained out Saturday.

And with that, I leave you with the last picture I had taken of me (and my hunka-husband) as a 27-year-old. This was taken at our (rainy) get-together Saturday night. Enjoy!

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Chele said...

Awww, Happy Birthday!

DH have has similar thoughts this weekend as we celebrate our 19th wedding anniversary tomorrow.

The years seem to be flying by. However, they just seem to get better and better in all aspects, love and life.

Enjoy your birthday!

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