Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wow... What a week!

...or is it what a day? I don't know! LOL

Where do I start? This morning some dude(ette?) in a Lexus refused to let me over in front of him/her to get on the highway. Why do Lexus drivers seem to think they own the road? My apologies if this statement offends anyone, namely good Lexus drivers. ::shrugs:: So anyway I showed him/her who was boss... and hopefully a lesson that you can't push people around- I forced my way in front of them. However they had the nerve to honk so I don't think they got the point. I could tell they were being malicious by the way they were driving alongside me which is why I did it. Asshole. End rant, off to the next note...

Job interview. Yes, I had one today... woohoo! It went very well, so hopefully I will hear something toward the end of next month. YAY! However, that interview was after what was the building hunt and lunch from Hell. Yeah. Keith and I tried to go to KFC for lunch today and take them up on free food but ended up sitting around doing nothing for 40 minutes. We get faster service at a sit-down restaraunt, busy or not! UGH! Soooooo... I went to my interview without lunch. Getting to the interview did not go without a hitch. There are apparently three buildings at this location (this company has two different locations in the same city.. lol). I followed the signage on the property to get there and wouldn't you know I would pick the wrong one. Go figure. I only found out I was at the wrong building when I *ran* up there because I was running behind schedule (not exactly late, though... long story LOL). Then I had to *run* back to my car to drive around to the *correct* building.

I grabbed lunch (Big N Tasty) and headed back to work. Then went to give blood. BP was 106/70 (Dr. B- EAT YOUR HEART OUT!!) and I did my thing. Nothing to report here.

Going home from work got me a hole in my back bumper caused by a lady driving some clown car and not paying attention. Needless to say we now have her insurance info and she (or her insurance company) will be paying for a new bumper on my car. Good thing it's plastic at least. *sigh* Her car, er, clown-mobile, was jacked up. Front bumper, hood and front-passenger fender crumpled and her headlight on that side was pushed back (but not broken). Red fluid was pouring out from underneath the car (tranny fluid?!). (Hey, the car BLED! lol) Thing's probably totaled. Yikes for her... at least it's not my insurance rates going up. Although it is an option for us, I will *NOT* file no-fault.  (a big HELL NO and LOL on that one) Lesson here? If someone is in front of you and you are both looking to make a right turn, watch that person in front of you, and if you are going to look over your shoulder, make sure you apply your brakes first. *SIGH*

And to end this on a positive note, Keith and I went to dinner at Ralph and Kacoo's for my b-day. Gooooooood food, but spendy. Maybe we'll eat there more often when we're millionaires. ;) After that we took a brief, relaxing drive through the country and enjoyed what scenery we could see.


Chele said...

Yikes, about the accident glad you didn't cause it or have serious damage.

++++ vibes that you get a job offer from the company you just interviewed with.

karmapearl said...

I'm glad to hear you're OK from your accident. Aren't those annoying? I wish people would pay more attention to what they're doing on the road.

Woo hoooooo for the interview! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

I heard about the KFC madness yesterday. Crazy! People go nuts over free stuff I guess....

Helen said...

What a day!

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