Sunday, May 24, 2009

10 Years Later... I am. Exactly 10 years ago I graduated from James W. Martin High School in Arlington, TX. I had an awesome summer working at Six Flags and basically racking in the $$. Only to have it drained that next fall by a monstrosity known as college. It was a definite culture shock.

In high school we had get-togethers known as pep rallies. We even got together after school to decorate our little section of hallway for homecoming. The band even trotted through our hallways on Fridays when there was a football game that night. Even if I wasn't going to the game (which was pretty rare) I was pumped. I was in student council, orchestra (for a while), and on the yearbook staff for my senior year. I loved every minute of it. This plus going to the games nearly every Friday night, doing my homework with the TV on (yup!), working a part-time job and much, much more... I still made straight-A's. I was very active both physically and mentally and loved every minute of being at that place.

Then, enter fall 1999. I started college. I was on student government and in a couple of other activities. However, this college didn't even have a football team, let alone any spirit. I had a few buddies, but not alot of close friends from college. In fact, if you look at my Facebook, I have tons and tons of buddies from high school, message-boarding, my current job and Six Flags, but absolutely none solely from college. I had to earn every penny so I had to work, constantly, to make my ends meet- and that was with a portion of the tuition and living at home (better than no help, though.. living at home helped A BUNCH. I'm not bashing that one bit)! At least I enjoyed my job at Six Flags and my extracurricular activities- that helped keep me sane. As for college itself, I have no desire to repeat it. I wasn't happy there, and my grades showed it.

Finally, in 2004 I graduated with a BA in Public Relations. Miraculously. With the way I cried on the night of my high school graduation, both mom and I thought I would need a canoe for my college graduation. Boy were we wrong! LOL It was more like, "halle-freakin'-lujah it's about time (in my head)!" I was never more glad to leave a place. Awful professors (a few, not all). Ugly buildings. No environment (it's been referred to as a commuter school for a reason...).

I found my job with the auto finance company and just short of a year later (right after Hurricane Katrina), I met my awesome, wonderful, gorgeous, handsome husband, Keith. A true match made in Heaven.

We went through the next few years getting to know each other, getting engaged, then married and went on our honeymoon. Then I had my knee surgery. Blech. It was over quickly, though and I was back to myself within a few months. Thank goodness! We hit a few speedbumps along the way to where we are now, but we are making it. Recently, in January, we learned of an upcoming layoff in June. All the jobs and agencies keep saying, "call us when it's two weeks out..." basically too late! ARGH!

We don't know where this crazy road (crazy life, crazy world!) is going to take us next, but we do know one thing- we will get through our tough times together. There's a reason God has put us together and given us the speed bumps he has, we just have yet to figure it out.

Hopefully, the next 10 years will be a little smoother, or at least more fun for us. While I have sadly become more cynical and type-a now than I was in high school, life is too short to bemoan every little detail and wallow in self-pity and worry about every little thing. One lesson I have learned is to trust God every step of the way, and He will guide you.


Yaya said...

Oh my gosh, this is totally off topic, but you just reminded me with this post that on my day of HS graduation I made a time capsule to be opened 10 years later! Sweet! I gotta dig that thing up!!

Chele said...

Life is a roller coaster some times are better than others, and we somehow get through them and come out the better for it. Keeping +++ vibes that you get new jobs quickly.

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