Friday, June 19, 2009

I'm Back! :)

I know it's been a long while since I posted- almost a month. Yikes! But... I do have a little list of excuses.. C'mon! You know you wanna hear 'em!

So, without much further ado, I give you:
Top 10 Excuses For Not Blogging Enough Lately

10. Fatigue
9. Laziness
8. The dog ate my computer
7. The cat scratched up my back-up hard drive after #8
6. The neighbor's dog shattered my window and I had to move quickly to keep heat from entering our house
5. Sore Boobs
4. Vomiting
3. Doctor's appointment
2. Stress

And the #1 Excuse for not blogging enough lately is...





During the wee, wee (get it?) hours of the morning of May 21, AF was still MIA. Unusual. A little backstory here: My chart showed a possible O-related thermal shift a little later than the date that was actually flagged as O, so I allowed for that to possibly be O and waited it out a few extra days. Still no AF. So there I sat, test saturated with my two-hour-old "FMU," watching the dye move across. A skinny line immediately appeared in the "test" area, before the dye even made it over to the "control" area. "Nah," I thought to myself, "that's just the test developing.. it'll be gone here in a minute."

I set the test down on the counter and finished up. I looked at the test again (so much for waiting a minute) and there they both were- both lines sitting brightly in all their glory. Holy Sh*t! Shocked, I cradled my forehead in my hand, took a breath and stood up. I looked over at the test again. Even brighter. Wow. Still stunned, I washed my hands, grabbed the test and headed back to bed. Except, I couldn't get to sleep. Imagine that.

Keith was slightly awake and stirred when I got back into bed and set the test on the nightstand. "How you doing," Keith's sweet voice rang out. "Not too bad," I replied. "I'm pregnant."
"Are you serious?"
"Yup," I replied, taking the test to show him while using my phone as a flashlight.
"Oh wow. I can see that one from here!"

Needless to say the excited pair did not sleep for the next two hours. A doctor's appointment was scheduled the next day for the next week. At my first sono I would measure 5-6 w, with only a gestational sac showing. HCG was 19k. A week later a baby showed, measuring 6w1d- 5mm CRL, HB of 150!

Two weeks later (yesterday) the little bean we have nicknamed Snowflake now measures about 8w3d with a HB of about 167, CRL was 19mm. S/he nearly quadrupled his/her size in two weeks!! The doc said everything looked good on the u/s. M/S was kicking my butt and I had tried pretty much all the natural treatments so it was on to the phenergan, which I was convinced helped me hold down my lunch yesterday. Haven't needed it since then, so we'll see.

Because of our previous experiences, I had been sooo afraid to make an announcement on here about this, out of fear that Snowflake would fly off to Heaven as did the others. We're not out of the woods yet of course, but we're getting there and things are still looking good. I am now past the point of both previous losses. *crosses fingers on both hands* Needless to say we're praying it stays that way and Snowflake continues to grow and thrive until we meet him/her in January. Who knows, I just may have a Super Bowl baby!


Chele said...

Oh good lord! How in the hell did I miss this announcement? OMG! Kim! I'm so happy for you! Congratulations! Sending you many ++++ vibes for an easy pg, L&D and beautiful baby.

Kimmygintx said...

Thanks! ...actually I just posted it ;) after finally getting the courage to do so :) Still scared to death but much more relaxed; I didn't know I could be both at once!

Helen said...

That was a sweet story! :) Congrats again!

To A T said...

OMG!! OMG!! I'm so excited for you!! :) COngrats! Congrats!! Congrats!!
I'm sending lots and LOTS of SBV!!

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