Monday, August 2, 2010

Working-Mom Musing: New Gig

My other gig with the auto finance company fell through. *sigh.* But, as some may say, things happen for a reason. Think about it- contract goes pop on Thursday night. Friday- in with staffing agencies. Monday- official job interview. The rest is history.

This new gig I think is going to rock- MUCHMUCHMUCH closer to home, $1 more per hour and, um, did I mention closer to home?? No more 30-mile commute out to the boonies by the airport and back. No more racking up extreme toll bills on George Bush. ($6/day for less than 30 miles each way! The other miles were made on a FREEway)

Now weather, will you just cool off already? I'm SO over this 1,000,000-degree heat! And no, I could never make it living in hothothot places like Vegas or Southern Arizona. *crickets chirping*.

In other, more random thoughts, what exactly is Brian supposed to represent in Family Guy??

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