Monday, August 23, 2010


Manic Monday went by slowly. Once my lunch break finally arrived, I hopped in the car and headed to the bank (gotta love those errands, includeing getting money to pay the babysitter!). Did my thing, (boring stuff deleted) and decided since I was out and about to just go out for lunch. There was a McDonald's across the street.

I meticulously guided my SUV through the drive through with no clue as to what I wanted. Then IT caught my eyes. An angus burger. Since I love JackInTheCrack's version, I decided to give the Mickey-D's version a try as well. Unfortunately, I noticed a couple of EPIC FAILS right off the bat. The WHITE STUFF in the picture... WTF was THAT? I asked the attendant and was horrified with his reply. "Mayonnaise and mustard." WHAT?? Um, excuse me, but you don't put MAYO on STEAK? I mean, seriously- I don't know anyone who would eat a steak with mayo and mustard on the side. A-1? Lea and Perrins, perhaps, but MAYO and MUSTARD?? C'mon!

Of course, I'm a person who is prejudiced against most things mayo. Chipotle mayo? Any flavor mayo? Maybe. But plain old mayo? Ew. The stuff stinks!

So I ordered my old standby instead- ranch. Since they only had packets of ranch, a little manual labor was involved, but I didn't mind. For a decent-tasting sauce, it was worth it. Truly.

However, when I got back to work and dove into the fries (c'mon, who doesn't? ;)) I noticed not one, but two, HUGE dipping-style buckets of ranch. As in, I only used 3/4 of one of these "packets." They gave me entirely. too. much. Ah, well, better too much than too little, right?

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Kristina Churchill said...

I will try the Mickey D's, Angus burger, no mayo thing! Your blog is cute, I like it!

Fun blog post this week, all ages can enjoy it!

Stop by from sits,


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